Discover The Gorgeous Dolls From DesignaFriend and Tiny Treasures This Christmas


Good Morning Lovelies,

Growing up, you wouldn’t find me without a doll. I even had a robot one. For me, Baby Annabell was everything and more, yet I would always be found at Christmas circling other dolls in the Argos catalogue. Something that sadly doesn’t happen anymore, due to the loss of it in stores. 

However, the company haven’t lost the beautiful dolls that they create. Including the fantastic Kid KreationsDesignaFriend and Tiny Treasures dolls. Very different but absolutely incredible, they are the perfect present to brighten up a child’s Christmas. 

With bright hair colours, gorgeous outfits and individual personalities, each doll comes with a birth certificate if a Tiny Treasure or a friendship bracelet if a DesignaFriend. An element that makes them even more special. 

After meeting the team at The Big Christmas Press Show, I was kindly offered the chance to experience the new festive friends that the brand had to offer. Joining the crew at DesignaFriend is Reine

Described as a doll who loves shimmering, the product comes with a brightly pink haired doll, in a reindeer themed top and pom pom hat, with golden shoes, a cute reindeer cuddly toy and gorgeous brown eyes. Perfect for playing, dressing up and being best friends with, the doll is something I would have dreamed of having when little. In fact, I love her as a 27-year-old. 

Everything about her is gentle and the cuddly softness of the doll makes her perfect to play and snuggle with. Plus, with satin like pink hair, she stands out amongst others. A great Christmas gift if ever there was one for older children.

Yet, for those looking for a baby to adore, then the Tiny Treasures team have everything you could want this festive season. Joining their family is Rue. Much like Reine, she is dressed in a super sweet festive outfit, which comes with another little reindeer toy. Blonde hair flowing, with a pretty bow in it, the doll smells of baby powder, much like a real born and weighs the same amount as one too. 

Styled in a car seat shaped box, Rue also comes with a birth certificate and a hospital wristband. Making the whole experience appear very real. Produced to make children learn about caretaking skills, as well as to help them socialise, the real feel of this doll is a huge standout amongst others. When I handed the doll to my mum, she was amazed at how lifelike it was and the reality of the situation. 

Those who receive either gifts will be amazed and happy with what they receive. The dolls both bring a sense of learning and fun, at the same time, meaning they can build new skills to share with others. Honestly, if I was little still and I got one of these, I would not have stopped playing with it. The fact that you can buy other clothes or accessories to enhance the experience makes it even better. 

Sold through Argos, there are a number of other dolls and pieces to go with them. However, with the Christmas period coming up, I couldn’t recommend these enough. You will not be disappointed and neither will those who get the gift. The two dolls bring a sense of festivities that others simply don’t. DesignaFriend and Tiny Treasures are bringing and will bring a lot of dreams come true this Christmas. I am sure of it! 

Joey X

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