Thank You To The School Friends Who Made Me!


Good Morning Lovelies,

What did you use to do when you were in school? For me, I went through a mixture of stages. At first, I used to go to teenage nights out, at a local club night called Xplosion in Cheshunt. It was something that made me feel so grown up, yet I wasn’t at all. In fact, I think it was these experiences that made me grow up too soon. So, I decided to have some fun and changed friendship groups. A serious bullying case was also a cause of this, but that is for another day. 

When I was younger, Twilight became my life. I would go to the opening night screenings. I even had a party for it, with my parents kindly buying everyone a ticket and then a McDonalds afterwards. How my dad put up with us all singing along in his car, at full volume, I will never know. The memories I have about these stages make me so happy. From walking into my room, after a night out at iTunes Festival to find a cardboard cut out of Emmett from the film, to the huge posters I had on my walls, it made me so happy. 

Talking of festivals in fact, I can recall the amazing memories of going to gigs and festivals. Especially the Ben & Jerry’s festival, which makes me so happy to think of. Eating ice cream until I felt sick, grabbing all the merchandise I could and running to get the train afterwards, whilst laughing along to stories with friends was perfection. Even the sunburn that came from being under the rays for too long (I was a sun cream idiot back then). 

Some of the best memories I have from school though come from just being around the people I was with. They made me so happy. They made me feel special and I am thankful for that. Spending hours simply chatting or sitting in their homes watching films, having dinner parties as we got older and welcoming new faces will always hold a gorgeous place in my heart. 

We have drifted apart, but they will always be special to me. They will always be welcome to come up to me and speak. Even if they asked me for a hug I would be willing to give them out. Because they made me who I am today. They gave me moments of pure joy that I look back on happily and fondly. I wish we were still as young, sweet and close as we were back then often. I wish them the best in everything. 

To the ones I am still close to, I love them so much. Tessa, Issy, Amy and Dee, the foursome that I will always need. We have had moments of pure madness, don’t live close to one another, but we are always there. If anyone needs a motivational speech, we are there in every way and I love them. All for different reasons, but mostly for making me who I am today, by bringing happiness to my childhood. Thank you lovelies. 

School can be hard. As I said, I went through a huge amount of bullying. I suffered from two serious illnesses and teachers didn’t think I was the smartest. Yet, the people who make those days special make it some of the best times of your life. Believe me. So, keep going and you will have memories that you will be forever thankful for. I promise you!

Joey X

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