Change The World With Proverb Skin


Good Morning Lovelies,

Now, would you use a reusable deodorant? Recently, I have been seeing so many different brands and types that have left me interested. A little overwhelmed though with choice. 

Therefore, when I was approached by Proverb Skin, a refillable deodorant company, I was excited. Kindly sending me a  starter kit, with the coconut and tonka scent, the pack is worth £12 for a subscription service. 

As soon as you unwrap the package, you can smell the fragrance. Especially the coconut scents. A favourite of mine. Unwrapping it, the deodorant then slots easily onto the refillable case, which you can pick the colour of, before being able to move up and down. 

I was impressed with not only the smell, but also the size. Whilst it is quite costly compared to the normal priced deodorants, the size shows why. It definitely is built to last, meaning less waste in the future. Helping the planet every step of the way. 

With all smells being eco-friendly, lasting three months long and sensitive safe to all skin, I loved it. Although I couldn’t afford it all the time, it is a great solution to help make a difference to the planet. There so, I would definitely recommend it. 

To find out more head on over to their website to discover the whole world of Proverb Skin. It will definitely change the way you use products in the future. 

Joey X

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