Amazon Launchpad Chooses Its 2022 European Startup Of The Year Winner


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Amazon are a brand that saves my life on a daily basis. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have it at the ends of my fingertips, ready to help me find the helpful items or gifts that I need. Therefore, when I heard about the Amazon Launchpad’s annual Innovation Awards winner, I wanted to share the information with you. 

Back for another year, the awards gifts the 2022 European Startup of the Year award, where small businesses are celebrated for their inventive creations. The big winners for 2022 was Petit Pli, a childrens clothes company, who use recycled water bottles to help make clothing that grow up to seven sizes. Gifted €100,000 and a placement on Amazon Launchpad, the company will have the full support of Amazon and a free account management service for a year. A huge advantage for any growing business lovelies. 

Chosen by a panel of expert judges, the winners were amongst 20 other entrepreneurs, with some runners-up also being given a featured placement on the company’s website. Speaking about their prize, Ryan Mario Yasin, Founder of Petit Pli said, “Winning Amazon Launchpad’s ‘European Startup of the Year’ is a big moment for Petit Pli. We want to be an innovation catalyst for the next generation and play a pivotal role in accelerating the move to a more sustainable fashion industry. Leveraging innovation to show that more sustainable products need-not have tradeoffs, and having recognition like this from a retailer like Amazon is great. We’re excited about the exposure and connection with other forward-thinking sellers on Amazon. We're particularly fond of Amazon’s zero emission last mile deliveries which are growing. Petit Pli winning the 2022 Amazon Launchpad prize is a testament to Team Petit Pli’s persistence to not let good ideas die.”

Whilst, Xavier Flamand, VP of Amazon Launchpad stated, “We’re delighted to announce Petit Pli as our Startup of the Year – offering parents an alternative option which is better for the people and planet. We are proud to celebrate pioneers who come up with clever concoctions to make the world a better, brighter place. Blending simple, obvious things in unexpected ways to create something new and exciting is at the heart of Amazon Launchpad. We’re a destination for innovative new products from small businesses. Amazon Launchpad has supported over 2,200 startups in Europe. These awards demonstrate both our commitment to supporting emerging brands and how we love to delight our customers with new and innovative products.”

The winners were faced with competition from other brands including, Spruce, a multipurpose bottle company, refillable deodorant Fussy, Mymanu, a earbuds business and FabLittleBags, who create biodegradable sanitary disposal bags. 

A huge congratulations to the winners and runners up. Amazon Launchpad has been making huge changes to the world since it began in 2015 around the world. With over 30 categories to explore now, it really is a fabulous creation for all involved. Definitely take a little look around it lovelies when you can. You will not be disappointed. 

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