Would I Use Amazon Fresh Again? Absolutely!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago, I was kindly offered a few samples from the world of Amazon Fresh. After a fab tasting experience, we decided to order our shopping from the platform, to get delivered when we came home from my birthday trip away. Super easy, with updates all the time on the status of items and costs, I am so pleased that we decided to do this and wanted to tell you all why. 

We haven’t been paid or asked to do this by the way, I was just so impressed with the service both times that I wanted to share what happened when we did our own shop on the platform. After taking a look around the Amazon Fresh shop, to see if the products were actually affordable, we found that a lot of them matched or were very similar to what we were paying anyway. With a number of special offers also on hand, for example a £15 off code for the first free shops and free samples on fruit and vegetables, we started going through each category. 

Looking at each aisle, we could put in what fresh and food cupboard staples we needed, way before we needed them. Amazon Fresh then stored them in your basket, but kept them separate from other orders you made on Amazon. This made it easier to adapt the basket or to see when alerts came up about the prices or statuses of them being available, as they changed all the time. 

This was actually an element I really liked, because it meant that I didn’t feel like I was being used or that they were trying to overcharge me. They kept everything that they were changing and adapting, even costs coming down on show. I haven’t ever received service like this before from a company and I found it really reassuring. 

After waiting a few days to put the order in, as we had free next day delivery and wanted the freshest items, I simply put in the discount code FRESHFIRST3, which gave us £15 off a £50 shop and sent my order off. Before I did this though, they made me aware of items that would not be available, which was only a pack of bagels. Something I wasn’t that worried about. They then processed the order just like an Amazon one when I confirmed it. However, I could make changes to it until it comes. 

With some items in our shopping frozen ones, the packs came in recyclable grocery bags, with ice blocks in them. We actually kept the ice blocks, as we think they would be great to reuse in cool boxes and other ice pack times (Miss accident prone here!). Everything was just as we expected, big and when branded, representing the company brilliantly. The packing of the items had also been done well, with no cold or frozen items, placed near items that should be kept away from colder or watery based finds. 

We chose to have our order delivered between 4pm and 6pm, as we knew we would definitely be in then and because we had freezer items, we had to be in attendance to get the parcel. Yet, you can choose for the driver to leave the parcel on the doorstep or in a safe place, if you don’t need or have any items that have to be sorted right away. Great if you make a last minute order at work. Plus, with such great time slot options, you can get them from 7am in the morning until midnight. There really isn’t a time that you don’t get to pick what you want to fit you. 

After such an easy process, great food with brilliant portion sizes, I could not recommend Amazon Fresh enough. Our family has had everything from meat to meatless. Frozen to Fresh. Milk to Milkshakes. You name it, we have now had it and I will be using the service to get more shopping in the future. 

They really impressed me with every step they took to help me and my family, which meant we could come back from Blackpool with no worries at all. And we didn’t have to carry it either. An added bonus for us, as we have no car. Will I be using Amazon Fresh again? Absolutely!

Joey X

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