The Best Affordable Own Brand Cereals of 2022 - Tried and Tested


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Cereal is the best breakfast! There, I said it aha! With so much choice available, suiting all different tastes, the world is a cereal oyster. However, some of the most familiar and best ones can be expensive. So, I have been putting a number of own brand and more affordable ones to the test over the past few years. 

The ones I have found the best making this list. With the cost of living going up, I wanted to share it with you all, because I know that it could be helpful to many to find a new cereal, for less money, but still, if not sometimes better taste. Honestly, you won’t be disappointed…

Aldi Chocolate Hoops, 95p: Love Weetos? Then you will love these hoops, which you can buy three boxes of for the price of one branded one. They taste just as chocolatey, especially when coated in warm milk, making them great for those fall, winter days. It is like having a breakfast and milkshake in one.

Lidl Cinnamon Squares, £1.05: I adore cinnamon squares and these own brand ones are perfect. Full of flavour, with more in the box than there seems, these cost less than half of the branded ones. They are even great dry, like a biscuit type of snack. 

Aldi Crisp Rice (Rice Krispies), 75p: I didn’t realise how much Rice Krispies actually were until recently. Luckily, Aldi has got a fantastic take on the brand, which again is perfect for all the family to enjoy. They cost less than a pound and can be topped with jam and honey to give them a little boost. Although, I have heard that a good helping of golden syrup goes down well too.

Sainsbury’s Balance Flakes Honey & Oats, £1.65: Special K can be costly, yet this take on the brand is perfect and a lot less. Full of crunchy, honey coated flakes and oats, this is great with yogurt or milk throughout the year. It is even good as the base for a muesli or granola starter, if you fancy making your own one.

Aldi Kavanagh’s Organic Porridge Oats, £1.79: Many of you know that I love Flavahan’s porridge. But it can be a bit expensive if you don’t catch it on offer. As a fan of the jumbo oats kind, this version is exactly like it, but for a fraction of the cost. Plus, a little secret for you all now, especially if you are a fan of White’s porridge. It is made by the same company. So, don’t pay out more, when you can be getting the exact same for less.

Honey Monster Puffs, £1.50: Okay, so I know this is a brand, but it is an affordable one if you shop it in the right place. This could be said about all kinds, but honestly, Honey Puffs are so affordable for a sweet cereal at Home Bargains or B&M at around £1.50. Sometimes even less. 

Aldi Harvest Morn Corn Flakes, 59p: Corn Flakes cost quite a bit and if the whole family is eating them then that can add up. Aldi has a fab sized box for only 59p. That means you could buy around five or six boxes of the stuff for around the price of one branded box. You will have Corn Flakes coming out your ears with that stat. 

Tesco Stockwell & Co Wheat Biscuits, 74p: For 24 biscuits it is only 74p, a big difference compared to the £3 or more branded ones. These may have a slightly more square shape, but they taste the same and can keep the whole family happy. 

I know some of these cereals may be boring to some people or not what they are expecting, but these are some of the best I have found in our supermarkets for a fraction of the cost. And we all love a bargain. Of course, it is best to shop around and to look for the best deals, as well as eating what tastes good to you. But if you can save a few pennies from this post then I will be more than happy. My top choice here? Definitely the Aldi porridge or chocolate hoops! Perfection!

Joey X

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