What I Hope To Manifest In The Next Year (2022/2023)


Good Morning Lovelies,

Yesterday marked the most important day of the year to make your manifestations. Whilst the dates are still open, according to many it is the 8th August that is the most vital one to make them in on the calendar. So, I took the time yesterday afternoon to make my wishes. Many I wanted to share with you. 

Writing the list on the phone, I then emailed them to myself, making it seem like I was sending them off into the universe to come true. Fingers crossed they do. Manifesting is something I am still learning about, love the idea of and would like to discover more about. 

For now though, I am going to do the basics and share what I would like to happen over the next year…

  • To find a number of writing jobs and get paid for them

  • To find a new weekly radio station position and discuss all matters of life on it

  • To be happier with my body and my mind

  • To do more creative things and enjoy them

  • Meet new people and reunite with others who have lost touch

  • Travel more and head back to Disneyland Paris, where I will make a big step in my recovery

  • Take on a bigger role in the society around me and help others

  • Make this year’s Christmas celebrations the best they can be for everyone in my family

I will keep praying, wishing and working hard to make them happen. Let’s hope that those who are meant to help make them come true are listening. I will be eternally grateful if so. What are you hoping to have happen to you in the next year lovelies? Did you manifest anything? Or are you hoping to? Let me know! 

Joey X

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