My Daily Morning Routine 2022 In Ten Steps


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Now, normally writing a blog post isn’t part of my morning routine. Yet, with Love Island now over, the start of my day has changed again, which got me thinking about what I do each day to get motivated and ready for it. Most days I like to start it the same way, because it works for me. This does change though when we go away and even on the weekend’s. I see a real difference in myself when this occurs though. 

Normally I like to start my day by doing the following: 

  1. I wake up at 5:10am every day, sometimes earlier, which means that I can get up and get going before the rest of my family or to have breakfast ready for when my mum comes home from work. 

  2. As soon as I get up I head downstairs and pick up my phone and give the house a look over before heading back upstairs to get ready. 

  3. Turning on the shower, I take 10 minutes to soak, shave, soap up and relax, before getting out and putting on my towelling robe and doing my hair. 

  4. I then head into my room and get dressed, before applying a bit of lip balm, some perfume and body mist. 

  5. My earrings and glasses go on next, before I pop on my headwear, which is normally a hat in winter or a scarf in summer to protect my hair or to keep me warm aha!

  6. I then head back into the bathroom and do my teeth, which includes a whitening session and then mouthwash, with a bit of flossing too. 

  7. Once my teeth are done, my room tidied and I am dressed and slightly decent, I head downstairs, where I wipe over the dining room table and set it up for breakfast. 

  8. After a quick toilet trip, I take my medicine, before making a cup of coffee ready for my mum to enjoy as soon as she gets in from work. 

  9. I then place our breakfast bowls and milk onto the table and read the news whilst waiting for my mum to get in. 

  10. When she arrives, we sit down and have our chosen breakfasts, before we head out for the day or get on with what we need to. 

Ten simple things but all vital in making my day a successful one in many ways. I like to keep a routine to help me function. It may seem strange but it really does help. Who else is with me? 

Joey X

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