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Good Morning Lovelies,

Okay, the blog has been very Halloween heavy, so I thought I would take a break for a day, sharing an experience I had recently. Living in Hertfordshire means that I am very lucky to have some amazing local businesses near me. Some that saved my life when it came to the pandemic and the services they provided. 

Yet, there is a big brand who has a small service in store that I love. Superdrug in Hatfield Galleria has literally changed my beauty life. A few months ago, we went to the store and my mum had her nails painted by the brilliant team member there for £10. They lasted ages and she was so impressed with the outcome and price. 

Back in August, we returned. This time I was in the hot seat. Literally, as we chose to have two different wax sessions. For a long time, I would pluck the few hairs I would get between my eyebrows. Even shaving them - I know - when in school to save time. However, plucking them had begun to take up too much of my time and would bore me. The same feelings were had by my mum who would spend time plucking her chin hairs. 

Therefore, we went to the store, not actually planning to do so, but had a wax session each. My mum being her chin and mine the middle of my brows. My mum went first and after a few simple questions, the area was cleaned, before the wax was applied and the strips attached. Quickly ripped off, I was waiting for my mum to jump off the seat, but she didn’t move at all. When asked if she was okay, she said she was shocked as it hadn’t hurt at all. 

In only two or three minutes, she was done, having been cleaned up and double checked by the team. Any hairs that the wax hadn’t picked up were plucked in a few simple seconds and my mum could have requested any changes for the same price if she liked, but she was really happy with the outcome. 

I was next and having never done any waxing before, I was a little bit wary. Due to my illness and a twisted bone in my spine, I wasn’t able to sit down, something the team were happy to accommodate. Asked the same question, the area between my eyes was cleaned, with the team asking me to keep my eyes closed throughout to prevent anything going in them. The wax was then applied, strips applied and then I was asked if I was ready for them to be ripped off. Quick and swift, the team member did the session again in a few moments, before asking me if it was okay, plucking a few strands the wax wouldn’t pick up and taking off a few more hairs I wanted removed. 

Five minutes maximum and we were done, happy and overall really impressed. Costing only £5.40, with my student discount and Superdrug card rewards, the whole service made us both so happy that we have now made it a monthly thing. Costing hardly anything, saving time and making us both feel more confident. I couldn’t thank the team anymore and I would definitely recommend Superdrug’s hair removal services. You won’t be disappointed!

Joey X

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