Love A Charity Shop? Save Money In Them Now!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

For just over a year, I have been volunteering in a local charity shop. I did this to try and build my confidence and it has really worked. I love heading into it on a Tuesday, especially when I work with the dream team (Nicky, Mandy and Pat!). Over this time, I have learnt a lot of tips about how to find a bargain and this has helped me a lot when it comes to saving money.

With a cost of living crisis sadly taking place, it feels right to share these tips with you all now, to make sure and to help many of you save money on your next charity shop haul…

Ask To Go Behind The Scenes: Sometimes a shop will get items just in and store them behind the scenes if stock is overloaded in the front. You can always ask to look at an item if you can see it or find out if they can keep it for you until they are ready to sell them. 

Stock Rotations: Stock changes often happen every two weeks. This means that on a certain day of the week, they will change everything on the shelves and rails to meet the right dates. This date is often placed on the pricing tickets. 

All Electricals Are Safe: Every piece of electrical equipment is PAP tested and checked before it is placed onto the shop floor. This is to make sure that everyone remains safe. So, if you find an item that you think would be perfect, but are scared in case it doesn’t work, don’t be. It will all have been tested to make sure that no mishaps occur. 

Check Prices: Whilst many charity shops will offer a discount or lower price for stock, always do check how much something is selling somewhere else. I often pop into a number of charity shops to look for things I am interested in and now know which shops sell items cheapest. I also know which staff members to ask if I want to see more stock or when it is best to come in. 

Sell It On: If you find a bargain in a charity shop that you may be able to sell on for more, buy it and do so. There is no guilt in this. I have done it before. I feel good about it in fact, because I have helped a charity but can also make a profit from it. You could save all of the money you make and even donate it in the future if you want to. 

What are some of your best thrifting tips? Let me know! 

Joey X

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