Back to Primary School? Yes Please!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

How are we already in August? It seems mad! Yet, this does mean that we are all starting to get excited about the return to school. Well, some of us are aha! For me, I am a big fan of the idea of a new year, regarding the school terms. It feels like a reset in the year. Plus, it means that the Autumn and winter months are coming, which are my favourites. 

With the big school returns it has made me think about some of my fondest school memories. I have so many and often yearn to go back and relive so many of my primary school days. Trips, playground games and even lessons. The time I spent at Hertford Heath Primary were some of my greatest days and below are some reasons why: 

Friends: Making friends when you are younger is so easy. I had no filter in primary school and would often just run up to people and be friends with them. I miss how easy that was and the way that in a single moment some of the greatest people you can learn about and know are met. 

School Trips: When I was in primary school, I loved the trips we would take to old famous buildings, days out to the zoo and even the week away one in year six. Going to the Isle of Wight made me experience my first long time away from my parents. It makes you feel like such a grown up and it gives you a true confidence building experience. Even when I smashed my head against the climbing frame. 

Learning: Oddly, I loved learning everything I did in primary school. I couldn’t wait to go to school. I wanted to read the books we were made too. I wanted to do the math problems. I enjoyed doing homework. I simply loved learning. Still do. Take me back to the easy school days and I would enjoy it all again. 

School Dinners: Although I loved my mum’s packed lunches and the cool bags she would pack up for me, especially on my birthday, when I would get a surprise note and food within it. However, nothing is as good as a school dinner. Especially pizza and chip Friday or the brilliant school Christmas dinner. 

Christmas Month: Speaking of Christmas, I loved how my primary school celebrated Christmas. It would start with a letterbox appearing in the school hall for little Christmas cards. Then the assembly songs would change to festive ones. All lessons would become film watching sessions of Christmas classics. When we were younger, we would do the nativity, fighting to play our parts. It was all so perfect. 

School was one of my favourite things in the world and seeing the local school running makes me want to go back to it so much. Anyone else wish they could go back to their school days? 

Joey X

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