What Have I Been Watching Recently?


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Recently, I have been watching a lot of TV and films. I find myself watching them just before bed or first thing in the morning, all to help me unwind and relax, before and after a busy day. Below are a few of my favourite new features that have been hooking me in and drawing my attention to no end. 

Rob and Romesh Vs: After discovering this series at the start of the year, I have been binging on all of them since. Completing them at the end of May, I am now lost and desperate for more. If you haven’t watched these two comedians try to tackle the Olympics, opening a restaurant and drag shows, then you have to watch it. 

Pistol: Although I am still not sure about this show, I can’t stop watching it. It isn’t the best thing I have ever seen, yet, I am drawn into the music and story. Especially, as someone who doesn’t know a lot about the birth of the Sex Pistols. 

Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers: When I heard about this show, I knew that I would have to watch it. Chip N’ Dale are my Disney heroes and I will happily watch anything with them in. This new feature film is pure Disney perfection, filled with cameos galore. Any age will love this, whether they know of the two icons or not.

Celebrity Gogglebox: Don’t get me wrong, I adore Gogglebox, but I really love the celebrity edition. I think it is the aspect of being nosy and looking at celebrity homes that make this so much more entertaining. Although, I will always love the original Gogglebox stars as well.

Love Island: I know! I shouldn’t love it as much as I do, but I just can’t help catching up on all the gossip from the island in the morning. If I miss out on any of the gossip I actually feel sad. Thankfully, the good British weather is holding back the holiday envy for now, but it won’t be long until this show makes me want to book a trip abroad.  

What have you all been watching recently? 

Joey X

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