My Monthly Favourites From July 2022


Good Morning Lovelies, 

July is a special month for me. I started it vowing that I would try and make it a good one. Every single day of it. I know you can’t always promise that and bad days happen, oddly either on a Wednesday or a Sunday for me, but I tried. Something that was made a lot easier with these brilliant finds that I discovered during the month. As well as the fact that it was my birthday month aha! 

My Favourite Book: The Other Half of Happiness by Ayisha Malik - After reading the first novel in this series, I couldn't wait to delve into the second part to this modern Bridget Jones story. This is perfect reading material for summer and easy to read in any situation. It will make you smile, cry and laugh all in one sitting. Definitely pick it up if you haven't before and re-read it if you have.

My Favourite TV Show: The Summer I Turned Pretty - When I was younger I was obsessed with these books. To the point that I made my best friend read them too, just so I could have someone to speak to about them. This new Prime Video UK series captures the books perfectly. I need the second and third books to be made into a series now as soon as possible. 

My Favourite Food Find: Aldi Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce - On my birthday, I wanted to try and have a meal that I could really enjoy. For a long time, I wanted to have gnocchi, but it has terrified me. Whilst away though, with the support of my brother and mum, I managed to do it. I loved the Aldi gnocchi and meatball tomato sauce and have tried to have it again since. It is a big achievement for me.

My Favourite Beauty Item: Marc Jacobs Daisy Skies Perfume - Okay, so this perfume has been sitting in my mum’s room for a long time. She got it for my birthday a while ago, but I have had to wait until my birthday to be allowed it. This gift was like summer in a bottle. 

My Favourite Podcast: Shagged, Married, Annoyed - Chris and Rosie Ramsey are a couple that I inspire my future husband and me to be like. With lots of episodes to catch up on, I have been binging this podcast hard. I love the beef section and the Ick one too. 

My Favourite Experience: Celebrating my birthday in Blackpool with my family and friends was perfect. Simply getting away for a few days made it extra special. 26 may have been a hard year, but I am now ready to rock being 27 and I am taking you all along with me as I do it. 

What made your July special lovelies? 

Joey X

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