The Lost City Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Love is a tough subject for many. Some fall in love easily. Others not so much. Some can’t describe the feeling. Others write about it with ease. Some find that the models on the covers are the only heroes they need. 

Especially in the case of Sandra Bullock’s character in new feature, The Lost City, who turns to her cover star to help her save the day. A star for who takes on the form of Channing Tatum. 

Bullock plays romance novelist, Loretta, who  ends up being kidnapped by an over the top billionaire. Faced with only her cover model, Alan, on hand to help try and save her, the pair end up going on an epic jungle adventure. 

Comedy is a strength for both actors and whilst they may not have the strongest of storylines here, they are able to save it from being a disaster movie for all the wrong reasons. Capturing the essence of old romantic comedies, this feature has a sense of humour that modern audiences will appreciate. They will embrace the world of comedy in every manner and feel the force of the brilliant acting that comes from it. 

Bullock plays a figure very much like the one we all love her playing in The Proposal, whilst Tatum gives a comedy turn like that in 21 Jump Street. A winning formula when placed together. With so many rom-coms not being made nowadays, it is brilliant to see it work leading to a huge amount of cinematic appreciation. 

However, they aren’t the only element to the film that you will enjoy seeing. There is a beauty in the way that the environment and landscapes capture the true essence of adventure within the film. Placed up against the stars in it and it becomes its own hero. One that everyone will dream of going to. 

With many romantic comedies now not getting made, it is nice to see this one being a stand out feature. All of the stars, all of the features and all of the landscape shots are a thing of beauty. Yes, it isn’t completely perfect, but it is close enough. Something we can all fall in love with. Even if we get lost looking for it. 

4 Stars

Joey X

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