Valley Farm Caravan Park May 2022 Holiday Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

When I was younger, my family used to have a caravan in Clacton at Valley Farm Caravan Park. It was a place where many fond memories were made, including where I met my best friend Dee. Someone who I could not go on without. Sadly, we had to sell it, due to costs becoming too high. Yet, it hasn’t stopped us from going on holiday there again. Something we did quite recently. 

Having seen a cheap deal online, me and my mum booked up for a middle of May trip. Waiting around six months to go, we headed off on the train, which went super smoothly thanks to Passenger Assistance. Helping us get on and off the train with our luggage, they were brilliant. Taking us to the bus stop, where we got on and quickly arrived at the camp to two friendly staff members checking people in. 

Because our train was early, we arrived well before the 4pm check-in time. However, our accommodation was ready, meaning we could go in early. Spacious, with six beds, a large sitting room, big flat-screen TV and a good-sized bathroom, we were happy with our lodgings for the four nights we would be there. Plus, our kitchen was well-equipped, with everything we needed. We had decided to cook whilst we were there, due to my condition, which we could do easily thanks to all the items we had available. 

After a quick cup of tea, we gathered our little shopping trolley and went to get the supplies we would need for the week. Close to the site is an Asda, Farmfoods and a small Iceland in the local Range shop. It was here that we found affordable food and drinks for the week. Saving a fortune on dining out. Although, there are many places you can eat out for little costs, including two dining options on-site. The caravan park also has its own shop, where we got a few bits for those at home, including honey for me aha, upon leaving. 

Settling in for the night, we used the first evening to make plans for the rest of the week. Waking up on Tuesday, we decided to head to the local shopping village. We had a few outlet stores to shop in, including the dangerous Home Bargains. We then headed into the main town, where we popped into a few unusual knick-knack shops, before heading out onto Clacton Pier and beach. A place where I had to get mum her favourite - candy floss. 

On this day, I was super proud of myself. I hate being cold. I hate piers. Yet, I went for a walk right along it, trying not to look down at the creaky wooden floor as I did so, with the breeze blowing all around me. I felt like a warrior princess aha! Plus, I did it whilst holding onto a woman who was struggling to hold onto her bag of candy floss. 

With the sun returning to the sky, after a bit of a windy afternoon, we headed back into the town to the slot machines, which we, unfortunately, didn’t win on. Though, my luck changed about this later in the week. As the day went on, we headed back to the caravan park to relax a little more, with mum and me embracing the lovely weather and catching our breath after a manic few days. Deciding to do the big stuff on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Getting up a little later, Wednesday was spent in Walton on Naze. We used to go to the pier a lot when I was younger. I can remember heading to the little town to the local market and car boot sale, held in the town. All before popping into the local Woolworths to pick up a single CD or some pick N’ Mix that my dad would buy me every holiday. Sadly, the Woolworths is gone and there was no market, but we spent the trip remembering special moments and mum headed into a local bakery for an Eccles Cake and Chelsea Bun. The two items she would get her and dad when visiting. Apparently, they were still just as good. Getting back on the bus, we then went back into Clacton town, covering the shops we had missed the day before. 

Walking back onto the caravan site, I was desperate to change my 2p machine luck. Therefore, we went into the on-site arcade. I only ever go in these when by the seaside and never spend too much on them, knowing when to stop. Yet, they are addictive. Luckily, my winning streak changed and I walked away with a load of rubbish, including Avengers and Harry Potter keyrings that I didn’t want or need, but am happy to have won. My mum got a pink fancy dice too and with our tokens, we got a small squeezy snowman too. Something I think the weather saw, as the sky soon turned dark, the wind reappearing and the rain falling. Yet, we were cosy in our caravan by this point. Snuggling in for the night, with big plans for Thursday. 

Instead of lying in, we were up early and raring to go to Colchester. With mum ready to head into the big Primark there, I was excited to see what shops the town had on offer for us both. Recalling the local sweet shop that I wanted to get £1 worth of items in, much like when I was little. Something I did quite quickly after getting off the bus. Red liquorice sticks to be exact. Whilst, I got my mum some Pontefract cakes and pear drops, which she enjoyed on the bus home. Walking around, we stumbled upon the legendary potato hut I had mentioned on the radio a few months ago and an unexpected exhibition regarding The Crown and the Jubilee. 

We didn’t find much to buy in Colchester, but I loved walking around and seeing the sites that we don’t normally see, such as the castle and churches. Sometimes it is the buildings and areas that truly make a trip. Mum went into her favourite shops, got what she needed and wore her sunnies too. All of which led to a successful day. One that ended with a reunion between me and my best friend Dee. The whole reason I wanted to come on this trip. Having been friends for over 20 years, we can go without speaking for years, fall back into a room and just pick up where we left off. We know each other so well and I am so incredibly proud of her and everything she does, is doing and I know will do. I always find it sad when our time comes to an end, but we will always come back to each other. 

Friday was sadly the last day of our trip and with an early train booked, we spent the morning packing up, having breakfast and saying goodbye to another well-loved break. One I hope we will be taking again soon. Clacton may have changed, but it will always have a special place in my heart. As will Valley Farm. I know for a fact that we will be back again soon. I am even looking for a trip as we speak. Staycations may not be as exciting for some, but to me, I love them and can’t recommend them enough. Who else agrees with me? 

Where is your special place near to your home that you love to go on holiday to? Let me know! 

Joey X

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