Love Porridge? These Top Five Brands Are Brilliant!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Porridge. Bit of an odd topic to write about, but one that will actually help me a lot to do. For a long time, I would have porridge every single day for breakfast. I loved it. Yet, a while ago I let it become a fear food. My illness took over after someone said it was a lot and I forgot how good it was. Yet, since February, I have been putting my illness to the test. 

I have been trying to enjoy the great warming goodness again. Something I have been doing, but still fear. But, with every time I try a new oat kind, a new brand, a new flavour on top (honey being my favourite), I know I am winning. Every time I eat it I feel bad, but I try to do things that help. I go to bed and watch a film, whilst warm in the knowledge that I haven’t given up. I am still beating my illness. I am still a fighter. 

This post is a bit of a recommendation blog. Over the course of the past few months, I have found a number of brands, which are fantastic. Some cost a little more, others cost hardly anything, but all of them are delicious in my opinion. There so, I hope you find one that you enjoy from my list below: 

Quaker Organic Jumbo Oats: Quaker Oats are the most well-known brand of porridge and it is easy to see why. These jumbo oats are fab and make a chunky, thick, delicious bowl of warming goodness. Top with jam, syrup or honey, for a meal at any time of the day. 

Asda British Jumbo Oats: Cheap and delicious, these oats make a super creamy delight. I love this topped with dark Rowse runny honey. It is actually perfect with lots of flavours, especially strawberry jam too. 

Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats: My all time favourite brand of porridge, the Irish certainly know how to make the best kind (Sorry Scotland!). When I went to Ireland, it was the first thing I ate and I will now seek out any kind of Flahavan’s. The jumbo kind being my favourite at the moment.

Aldi’s Kavanagh's Organic Porridge Oats: Super affordable, this Irish porridge is made by the same company who makes White’s porridge (little secret for you!). There so, you can enjoy the fact that you will have a delicious bowl of porridge in your hands for less money.

Ready Brek: One memory I have of my childhood, is sitting with my mum, whilst she was recovering from an illness, on a cold morning, watching Bridget Jones’ Diary with a steaming hot, runny, sugar covered bowl of Ready Brek. Perfect for all the family to enjoy, this will be a memory maker for everyone who eats it.

Do you love a good old bowl of porridge lovelies? What brand is the ultimate winner for you? Let me know and I will try to try them out! 

Joey X

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