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Having lived in a bit of a dark world for the past few years, there is no denying that it has made our cinematic releases darker to. Especially when it comes to the underlining stories of our villains and heroes. From The Batman to Black Widow, the light releases that were there for comical effect as well as fun have slightly disappeared. With darker hits taking the place of them. Including Morbius, out today on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally. 

With lots of promise and an all-star cast, featuring Jared Leto, Matt Smith and Adria Arjona, to name a few, the film has a line up that many directors would want. However, with a script that lacks the true depth of the Morbius world and accents that are slightly off putting, there isn’t much that makes this film stand out amongst the rest. 

Playing a man dying from a rare blood disorder, Lego’s Morbius fights to save himself by mixing human DNA with that of a vampire bat. Turning himself into a villain of epic proportions. A vampire to be exact, who needs the blood of humans to survive. 

Unlike his turn as the Joker, Leto doesn’t really let his character develop. He becomes what the team behind the feature expect. Not giving much of his own heart and soul to the performance. Something so many of us rely on him for. Sadly an element that is also reflected in the performances of Smith and Arjona, who are given strong roles, but then left to the sideline in many ways. 

Yet, there is a big element that does work for the film. It’s saving grace if you will. The visuals are stunning at points. Walking away from a viewing this is what you remember. From slow motion features to up close facial shots, the camera work is the powerful plot point. If they focused on this element instead of others, it would be a four star winner. Unfortunately though, they don’t. 

The whole point of Morbius should work. It’s a story built for cinema. However, the flow, script and character development failures make this a feature you don’t want to take a bite out of. It is a sad factor in what has been a strong time for all the actors within it. The creative team have failed them in many ways. Watch for the visuals, but otherwise, you aren’t missing much by not seeing it. 

2 Stars

Joey X

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