Sing 2 Review



Good Morning Lovelies, 

Remember a few years ago, the incredible feature Sing? Well, it is back for a second outing. One that is still all singing and all dancing. Just with animals instead of humans. Making it even more of a winner in my eyes. 

With many familiar voices returning, including Matthew McConaughey, Taron Egerton, Bobby Cannavale and more, the film also introduces Letitia Wight and Bono into the mix too. McConaughey’s Buster Moon is looking for a new challenge for his stars, seeking the biggest stage he can find for them. Yet, when he is threatened by Mr Crystal (Cannavale), he has to work hard with them to save everything they have built. 

Taking on covers of some of the biggest songs of the moment, such as Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars and more, there is something magical about seeing a gorilla giving the performance of its life. Especially, when there is so much talent within the film to spend it guessing who is who. 

Proving that they can sing, no matter what the song maybe, this film isn’t as strong as the first, where they proved they could do what they had come to do. Yet, for a family feature, it is fine. For older viewers though, there is a sense of why has it been made, however. Even with the new additions to the cast, such as Bono, who plays musician Clay Calloway, the idea of a new production being troubled is something we have all seen before. Really the real winner of the film is the songs, which everyone can sing along with. Especially with singer Halsey stealing the show with her new character, Porsha Crystal. 

The film may have and aspire to have the energy of the first, yet it fails to make it flow in the same way that it once did. Enjoyable for the young ones, older viewers may find it hard to watch what they have seen before. Just get the karaoke mic ready to help you get through it if so. 

3 Stars

Joey X

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