Marry Me Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Who doesn’t love a rom-com? Especially when it features one of the queens of the genre, Jennifer Lopez. Out today on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally, the star plays pop icon Kat Valdez, a woman about to marry her long-term boyfriend. Yet, upon the big day arriving, she finds out that he has been unfaithful, leading to her pulling a random man from the crowd and marrying him. Something teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson) is definitely not expecting. Together, the pair must work to find out if they want to be together or not in the end. 

With all the cheese that you would expect, this light-hearted feature film, see drama be pushed to the side, with catchy songs, glitter and sparkles taking over instead. Oh, and of course love. From early on, you can guess where the story will go, but it doesn’t make it anymore less special. Especially, when the world has been filled with many dark features recently. 

Lopez and Wilson play a likeable couple, who upon meeting and marrying under unusual expectations, bring happiness to the audience. Lopez’s character is funny and sweet, with Wilson’s bringing the reality but charm to the feature that it needs to give it those old-school early 00s romance film vibes. Both are irresistible to the viewer.

Director Kat Coiro appears to have another message she wants to give audiences though. She obviously wants to show audiences the dark side of fame. As well as the loneliness and comical elements of it too. Yet, she doesn’t really get a chance to, with a story based like this. However, it doesn’t make the film any less enjoyable. Especially when it feels like it might touch on the personal life of Lopez and her public relationships. All of which build on her character and the way she appears on the screen.

Ultimately though, the film is a likeable feature, with beautiful shots of Lopez on stage, singing her heart out. The feature begins where many would end, giving it a fresh revamp, which works for all watching. It is a fun, charismatic film that wins due to the connection made between Wilson, Lopez and the audience. All looking for comfort in all the right places. 

4 Stars

Joey X

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