One Year On! Thank God The Scales Are Gone!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Last year, I made a decision. An important one. One that would impact my life a lot. It had to be made by me. It had to be done. For so long, my life was defined by a number on a scale. A deep cause of my anorexia. A fear I built in my head. It is the downfall to me getting better. 

Thinking back to the start of my recovery journey, nearly four years ago, I remember the specialist doctor weighing me. She took my BMI and told me that, “I wasn’t skinny enough!” A harmful statement to anyone battling an eating disorder. I complained to my GP, who wrote a letter of complaint to the ED clinic demanding change. Since then, I was weighed every week, as if that is the only way an ED affects you. 

It isn’t. The mental side of an eating disorder has to be worked out. You have to learn to beat it. Every step a challenge. Yet, that number. The one that appeared every time I stepped on it became an obsession. The smaller it got, the bigger the win. Or so my anorexia led me to believe. 

Yet, it isn’t a win anymore. It is a death sentence. One that I have got away from. I no longer get on a scale once a week. Or once a month. I live my life and enjoy how much better my mental health is without worrying about what that small object shows. I want to enjoy foods again fully and not worry about what impact they make. Because they don’t. Other than adding fuel to it. Fuel I need to survive.

There so, I am so thankful that I said goodbye to the scales. Actually, for saying a massive fuck you to them! Goodbye you horrific creations that have made my life hell. I knew I was going to find it hard to do and will worry about not knowing forever, but I don’t miss them and my life is so much better since they have been gone. 

Don’t let a small machine control you lovelies! It truly isn’t worth it! You are amazing no matter what. I ditched the scales and am free of them. Life is worth so much more than what they show and it is finally time to accept and embrace that! Goodbye you evil little fuckers, no longer do you rule me!

Joey X

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