My January 2022 Monthly Favourites



Good Morning Lovelies,

Years ago, I used to do monthly favourite posts. However, when my illness hooked in, I couldn’t be bothered. That has all changed now though! Finding inspiration from others and the feeling of wanting to give you all a little more of an inside look into my home and life, I have gathered my favourites from the first month of 2022. 

Let’s start the year with these ones…

My Favourite Read Has Been: After falling in love with his podcast - mentioned below - I had to read Rob Beckett’s book, A Class Act. Full of funny moments and memories, this book will have you laughing, crying and appreciating the star a whole lot more. I now want a man just like him in my life.

My Favourite Shows and Films Have Been: It was a bit of a random month regarding TV and films for me. I found myself turning to reality TV a lot, with the return of The Apprentice keeping me very entertained. Regarding films, I adored Belfast, which you should all go and see in cinemas, as soon as possible. 

My Favourite Beauty Item Has Been: I have made a vow this year to try and use up the items I have. This has led me to delve back into my fragrance collection. Rediscovering scents I have loved and being back fond memories has been amazing. Especially when I found the gorgeous Marc Jacobs Daisy scents reminding me of gorgeous summers long ago. I’ve been wearing it when I want to feel fancy all over again.

My Favourite Food Find Has Been: January brought with it the chance for me to try some new foods. Something I have fallen in love with, right near the end of the month, was Sweet Freedom Butterscotch Syrup. Only available at Aldi, I am now so afraid I won’t be able to get it again that I have stocked up on it. Please don’t stop making it Sweet Freedom.

My Favourite Podcast Has Been: Randomly stumbling upon the Parenting Hell podcast has been a life changing thing for me. Although, I don’t want children myself, Rob Beckett and Josh Widdecombe, are giving me life with their stories about parenting life. One of the best moments so far has to be the episode where Rob tells us all about Tony Ramos in Tenerife. 

My Favourite Experience Was: January can be a cold and dark month, but for me, it was the month I managed to get a lot of future plans sorted. After splurging on a new MacBook Air, I held meetings, spoke to interesting people and made a lot of changes that I hope will be positive ones in my life. Watch this space!

What made your January so special lovelies? Let me know! 

Joey X

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