Create The Perfect Valentine’s Day With Holland and Barrett


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Love is truly in the air on the blog now! Normally I don’t get involved with Valentine’s Day, but this year, I am going all out. Yet, I am turning it into Galentine’s Day! 

This has led me to seeking out the best gifts and decorations on the market, to help me find the perfect treats for the lovely ladies I know. Thankfully, Holland and Barrett, have created an online and in store selection that is perfect. 

Kindly gifted a few items to trial, I was able to give them all a little present to celebrate the big day. Starting with my mum! Waking up at the weekend, we normally treat Sunday’s as self-care day. This sees us resting at home, with candles, cosy clothes and cups of tea, warm juice and coffee galore. 

There so, it was the perfect day to whip out the Psychic Sisters Love Mini Candle and Pukka Love Tea Bags that H&B sent me. Created with aromatherapy oils, the candle was rose and lavender scented. Perfect for the bathroom or bedroom, to help those smelling it to unwind at the end of the day. 

Although it said it was mini, the candle isn’t small at all and burnt for a long time. Meaning our whole house smelt gorgeous throughout the day. Something that even lasted when we blew it out. 

With this in mind, we put the tea to the test next. Made with the same plants as the candle, but with added camomile and elderflower. Again a perfect blend to enjoy at the end of the day with your love. As someone who likes flavoured teas, I decided my mum was the best person to try this, as she normally has coffee. There so, making this very different. 

At first she wasn’t sure at all. Yet, the more she tried it, the more she found herself falling for it. Whilst she wasn’t about to give up her coffee, she stated that it would be perfect for those looking for an occasion loving cup of something different. 

The last items I was gifted were a selection of Dirty Cow Chocolate Bars. Priced at £3.69, they are a bit pricey. Although, you do get a lot of taste and bar for your money. Plus, if you can’t splurge a little for the person you love, when can you? Even if it is on yourself! 

With four flavours to choose from, including, Chunky Dunky, Cookie No Cream, Honey Come Home and Salty Susan, the bars featured the likes of honeycomb, Bourbon biscuits, salted pretzels and chocolate chip cookies to add extra textures. Each bar appeared like a chocolate that Ben & Jerry’s could have made in fact. 

Deciding to gift the chocolates to my lovely neighbours, I have wrapped them up and prepared them for each of them. There was a bar I felt that fitted each of them to a T and I hope that they enjoy them. Something I think they will do! 

Valentine’s Day can be simple or hard for many, but it is brilliant to see different companies helping to make it easier. I would never have thought of looking at Holland and Barrett’s website, but now I will. Not just on Valentine’s Day, but also at Christmas, Easter and other special occasions. I can sense it being very very helpful. 

Will you be looking at Holland and Barrett or these brands this Valentine’s Day? Or are you already all prepared? 

Joey X

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