Power Your Relationship Up With These New Anker Products



Good Morning Lovelies, 

Has Valentine’s Day made you fall in love with your beau all over again? So much so that you haven’t been able to put your phone down in case they call or text? If so, then I know that you may be worrying about having enough battery life to reply. 

Well, luckily Anker have answered everyone’s prayers with their new Anker 622 Magnetic Battery and Anker 521 Magnetic Power Bank range. Two products that are absolutely brilliant. 

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, they have also made sure that whether you are running for a bus or simply wanting to listen to the loving playlist they made you, you are always able to hear them or the sounds of their love for you with their new Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. Wireless, over the ears headphones that are super comfy, music experience altering and the ultimate gift for all. 

Kindly gifted all three items to trial, I was hugely surprised by my love for them. Especially the magnetic battery. With my iPhone 13 continuously at my side, I use it for everything. Blogging, scheduling my diary and speaking to all my loved ones, I like to make sure that my battery is always above the 50% mark. Yet, it can be hard to always carry around a charger and plug. 

The magnetic battery makes this so much easier though. Once charged up, with the easy to plug in cable, you simple click it onto your phone, turn it on and away you go. Your phone is being charged. And it does so very quickly. With a few holidays planned this year, instantly knew that the item would be the best thing to take with me. Plus, gifting one of them, after being sent two, to my mum, I can also guarantee that she will be able to keep her phone up to scratch too. 

However, if her phone wasn’t able to connect with the battery, the power bank was equally brilliant. For both of us in fact. Again, after a quick charge with it’s easy to use cable, we were both able to move and be on the go, without the worries that our phones would die. Something that left both of us feeling so much happier. 

Finally, I put the headphones to the test. Having brought a new laptop recently, I have been looking for some comfy over the ear ones to use with it. Luckily, with the simply touch of a button, I have found my perfect pair. Testing them in bed, with a good old film, I could relax in comfort without the fear that I was going to lose a earphone in bed if I dozed off. An event that has happened quite a few times in the past. 

Ultimately, I was very impressed with all the items. Anker only came into my life last year, but every product I have tried by them has always left me happy, more confident and determined to get more items from the brand to make my house and life easier and better. Something that they have been doing since we met. And I am not just saying that. 

To find our more about these items, which would make the perfect Valentine’s gifts, showing the person you love that you have put in lots of thought, head to their website. You and the person who receives them will not be disappointed. I promise you that! 

Joey X

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