How To Save To Make The Purchase Of Your Dreams!



Good Morning Lovelies, 

Have you ever just wondered what life would be like if you finally just went ahead and made the purchase of your dreams? For me, this happens often. Growing up, we weren’t the richest of families. Don’t get me wrong, we got what we wanted. But mostly at birthdays, Christmas’ or from car boots. 

Something I am very thankful for is this. I now appreciate everything I have and get a lot more because of it. My parents made sure we were happy and that is what was important. 

However, when it comes to buying big expensive things I often also worry. I worry that if making that purchase is necessary? Is losing the money going to make us struggle? What if I need the money for something more important in the future? Is it selfish? All those things often worry me when I make a splurge spend. 

Yet, after saving all of last year, £100 a month, I finally bit the bullet and made one of the most expensive buys I have ever made. Something though that I hope to use to change my life. Since I was young, I’ve always wanted an Apple Mac. I just couldn’t justify how much they are though. 

Nearly £1,000, it is a lot of money to spend on an item. Though I made a vow last year that whatever I had saved would go on buying something I have always wanted. I did it lovelies. I brought the computer. 

It felt like a huge achievement. I was proud. I had followed the ideas that my parents had told me about. I had saved. I deserved it. Now I am the proud owner of it. And so, with this I thought I would share some of the money saving tips and tricks I followed to be able to do so…

Make A Monthly Budget: Every month I saved £100 and made sure to put it aside. I took it out of my bank account and gave it to my mum to put somewhere safe. Any extra bits of money, such as from things I sold, I also put with it, meaning I had more than I thought by the end of the year. 

Think About What You Want To Buy: When it comes to what you would really like to buy, know what you need and how much to buy it. Use this to then budget each month. You may not need to save £100, it could be less or maybe a little more. And don’t feel like you have to have a product to buy at the end. You could use your savings to start a new savings account or annual savings set up in fact. 

Use Money Saving Websites and Social Media Platforms: Over the past year, me and my mum managed to save a lot of money using websites that help you to cut back. Latest Deals was a huge find for us and has made us so much more money wise. We also use Extreme Couponing, Martin Lewis and some Instagram accounts. All of these platforms have meant that we have cut back but not lost out. 

Shop Around: Take the time to find out what different shops and websites are offering. The best deals will make your money go further. You could end up making your dream purchase and having leftover savings too. Winner winner!

Try Not To Worry: What I have just wrote is actually something that I hate to say, but please do try not to worry. If you can’t save your chosen amount each month, don’t fret. You are doing an amazing job anyway and sometimes you can’t save. Also, don’t worry when making the purchase. Again I feel like an idiot for saying this, because I did. Now though, I am really happy with my new computer and feel like I did when I used to get the items or presents from my parents. 

These tips and tricks are just a few things that I did to help me save. The MacBook Air is the first major purchase I have made in years and I managed to find a great deal at John Lewis for it that helped me have savings left too. I don’t know what I am going to do with them yet. Right now, I am trying to get to grips with the new tech. Something I advise you don’t do at 10:30pm at night in bed aha! 

Joey X

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