The Little Elves Advent Calendar Is The Perfect Family Addition This Christmas!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Many of you will know that I adore Christmas. Every little thing about it. I can’t wait for the festive seasons to begin. I start in July with my birthday and will continue until the following one aha! So, when it comes to Advent Calendars, I am always on the lookout for something new and interesting to uncover and discover. 

After putting a call out on social media, I was sent one of the most amazing calendars this year. Created with the love and care that we all seek in the festive season, the Little Elves Advent Calendar was made by Katie. Someone who loves Christmas as much as me. Having been inspired by memories from her childhood and the ones she now makes with her own, Katie has made an advent calendar, featuring all of Santa’s elves from the 1st December until the 24th. 

Based online, the calendar has a video for every day of December, which the whole family can enjoy from the 30th November, when the advent key must be left out for the little ones or Christmas lovers in your home must find. When they do, they will discover a QR code on it, which will tell them all about what they are about to begin doing and their first challenge of advent. A kindness one in fact. 

Then each day they will be introduced to one of Santa’s elves in a new video, which will welcome them to the North Pole, how to write a letter to Santa, the origins of Christmas cookies and lots more fun. All ideas that will inspire them to do something creative and fun during the winter month. 

As the children/adults watch the videos, you will be able to hide something special, that they can then find and enjoy. A chocolate coin. A little packet of sweets. A Christmas joke. The choice is yours lovelies. 

I had never seen an advent calendar like this before, but it is perfect. With so many of us spending time with our little ones watching where Santa may be on Christmas Eve, it slots in with the idea and festive journey perfectly. You feel like you are getting more for your money and the Christmas spirit is truly alive with it. Whilst, your child will be given five minutes of pure festive beauty that they can enjoy easily and each segment of it can be adapted to fit in perfectly with your lifestyle. It is truly easy to enjoy magic. 

If you are still looking for a new advent calendar for the whole family to enjoy this year, do head to the Little Elves Advent Calendar lovelies. You will find out so much more and get the opportunity to see how special it is. You will honestly not be disappointed. I can’t recommend it enough. 

Joey X

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