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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Any family who was faced with a loved one being in a care home or hospital during Covid, will know how hard it was for them to be there. To not be able to see their relatives. To not be able to even hold their hand when they needed them. All something that Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham capture so fantastically in Channel 4 drama Help. Out now on DVD and digitally. 

Based in a care home for the elderly and those with mental health matters, the show begins with Comer’s Sara, earning a new role within it. There she meets the residents, including Graham’s Tony, who is suffering from the early signs of dementia. The pair soon bond, even when faced with tough issues and moments from other residents. 

Yet, when Covid begins spreading through the home at a rapid rate, they are soon faced with the unsettling reality of how much the government let down those within homes. Both those living and working within them. 

It is a gripping one-off drama that will have you in tears, angry and not able to hold your emotions in at all. It is raw. Nothing is forgotten. The acting doesn’t appear like acting. There is too much talent from the stars that make it seem like another Channel 4 real life documentary. Each member of the crew has made sure to work hard to show audiences what life was really like. 71 minutes of pure TV. 

Help is an important and vital TV viewing for all. It may be hard to relive what we have all just been through over the past two years. Continuing to do so in many ways. But it is key that you do. It will make you appreciate the workers who helped others even more. It will leave your heart raw. It is simply a vital TV drama that you have to see. 

5 Stars

Joey X

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