Monster Hunter Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Based on the hit game, Monster Hunter made a short release onto our big screens last year. Now, out on DVD, digitally and Blu-Ray edition, the film is about to be shared to millions more. However, it may not make as much of an impact on how it is received as it hopes. 

Mills Jovovich stars as Captain Natalie Artemis, as she fights to keep her team together, when one of them is separated. The feature is made with superb action and CGI features, yet the special effects and acting can’t save it. 

There is no passion it seems for the project. The cast and crew make the feature feel like it is being made with no real life. When playing the game, audiences and gamers can feel the thrill. Yet, there is nothing within director Paul Anderson’s film that makes you feel this way. 

With not much heart, it seems and feels like a Monster Hunter is needed for this film. No one seems to enjoy their screen time, the script lacks the depths of the games story, with the only stand out reason to watch being the special features. Watch at your own risk. 

1 Star

Joey X

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