Save On That Storage Stress! Amazon Has Just The Solution...


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Recently, life has been a bit hectic, leading to me needing to take a step back from the blog. However, I am back now and more motivated than ever to start doing weekly posts again. I have decided to really look at my content. With the big loves of mine being answered, featured and explored. 

When it comes to blogging, I am always looking to do it when I am most relaxed. Popping on a classic episode of Friends or a podcast/radio show I adore, helps me so much. As does a good set up. 

The perfect desk area makes me very happy to. Yet, it can’t be a place that is full of mess. If it is, my mind can’t handle it. I also seek to have the best storage solutions. Something Amazon have been working hard to help people create. 

From a fancy coffee table to simple drawers, the company has made sure that every room has something made for it. Here are just a few that have stolen my blogging loving heart…

Movian Aggol Lift-Top Coffee Table with 1-Shelf, £83.44:

Rivet Axel Wood & Metal Side Table with Hidden Storage Compartment, £33.14: 

Rivet Meeks Storage Basket Side Table, £64.93:

Movian Martin Geometric Bookcase Shelving Unit, £55.99: 

These are just a few of the storage pieces that I have seen and love on the website. I hope that they are also items that you fall for too, as I think that they will be great additions to many blogging areas. There are lots more choices to pick from and so, I would love to know, where or what storage solutions do you have to help keep your blogging/writing area clean lovelies? 

Joey X

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