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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Anyone else wishing that things would get hot, hot, hot again? In the UK, you can honestly never predict the weather! Last weekend we had beautiful sunshine. Now, we have the warning of snow, lower temperatures and a strong wind. What even is this? 

There so, we are having to turn to other methods to find essential vitamin D. Our food. Having been working with a dietician and having stayed in an ED hospital, I know that vitamin D is key to helping our bones and mood stay strong. As I know that the use of chilli’s in food can make everything a little bit spicier. 

As someone who does get a little cold, due to my condition, when I was offered the chance to trial The Dining Collection from Chilli No 5, I said yes straight away. With 10 different sauces to choose from, they are the perfect addition to spread onto foods or to add to recipes. However, I will admit that I wasn’t brave enough to try them all. 

Grabbing hold of my taste tester mother Jane, we gathered the gorgeous box I was sent and got looking for the perfect recipes for them. At the moment, we are loving risotto and so, we decided to add a few of the jars to our meals. 

Pouring them into the slow cooker, which we use to make our meals quite often, I was worried about how hot the dining experience was going to be. My mum can handle the heat. I can’t. Preparing a tissue just in case, we left the sauce to marinate with the meal. You could smell it throughout the house as it did. 

Placing the meal into my bowl, the aroma pierced the air. I could tell I was in for one scorcher of a ride. As my senses prepared for it, I was happy to say that the one my mum picked out was mild enough for me to deal with. Some of the ones in the collection sounded absolutely terrifying, I won’t lie. 

My mum definitely liked the addition of the kick that it gave the meal and asked me to find out more about the other flavours. Some she mentioned would be perfect to marinate meat in for upcoming summer BBQs, that hopefully we can have. 

Arriving in a super sleek package, the 10 bottles look like test tubes, but are perfectly formed to make a great meal even better. Priced at £35, they are a true treat, but you will not be disappointed in them. I couldn’t add one to every meal, but if you are a lover of spice, then you definitely could. 

Crossing our fingers that things warm up again soon, the Dining Collection will help us all get by as we await for it. Sunshine or not. The Chilli No.5 website has lots of ways to use them, more bottles in their collection and all of the pricings to help you find out more. 

Are you a lover or hater of spice? Let me know! 

Joey X

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