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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Would you eat insects if you knew that they were good for you? I am not talking about a Bush Tucker Trial type situation! But for the benefit of your health? Well, in a new discovery, it seems that they may just be the things that we need to start adding to our diets. 

Believe me when I say that this was news to me too. Recently I was made aware of the news, by a company called Protein Rebel. With a manifesto stating, “Think about what you eat. Think about the world. Think about your health. Think about your wallet. Think quick, think easy, think natural. Think Protein Rebel. But above all, think for yourself,” the company are dedicated in creating nutritious recipes with their products. Two of which I was kindly sent to try.  

As someone who hasn’t ever had protein shakes, bars or even powder on top of things, the delivery presented a whole host of new possibilities. Yet, not for others in my family, who were also excited to try the banana and dark chocolate flavours I was given. Right now, Protein Rebel have three different kinds of products to try. 

One known as Reload, another called Replace and the final one called Recover. Each with a different function. Reload is filled with muscle repairing prebiotics, whilst Replace works to help tone up and Recover repairs muscle and boosts glycogen stores. I am not expert when it comes to knowing about these topics. Yet, discovering how the powder could help in all of these situations was interesting. Especially when you only need around 30g or so of each of them to enjoy. 

Working hard to make a product that is friendly to the environment, the shakes/powder came to my house in two huge tubs. The Reload, filled with sustainable plants and cricket protein, was the first one I pulled out. In the banana flavour, I knew that this was going to be the one I liked best. When I was little I used to adore banana milkshake and hope to do so again in the future. For now though, I was interested in finding out how the shakes worked. 

Marketed at being great for after a workout, the tub suggested adding 33g of powder to water before shaking it up. You could also add the powder as a topping or in a smoothie. The same as the Replace one, which I was gifted in the dark chocolate flavour. In fact, the only differences I found in the experience of having these was the ingredients.

Whilst Reload was full of cricket powder, which contains a natural prebiotic that the company works hard to ensure is gentle on your stomach, Replace is a vegan powder that is purely plant based, being full of pea protein. Both though working to hopefully give you all the protein you need in a day. 

Getting the help of my regular taste tester, my mum was placed as my unknowing source at giving me an honest opinion on the shakes. I didn’t tell her anything about what was in them, their flavours or how they were made. Simple passing each one to her. All before my brother took them. 

My mum isn’t the biggest fan of bananas I will admit. She still gave this a go though. Mixed up with the blender, she took a sip in the morning and found her energy levels improved and she felt better. Unable to notice the cricket powder, she enjoyed it’s consistency and the way it tasted a lot. However, she did admit that it wasn’t something that would change her opinion on banana anytime soon. Good job then that my brother than stole it. 

Next up was the dark chocolate one. I knew that if this was added to a porridge or something that required milk, then my mum would like it. It is the perfect replacement to chocolate milk if you are looking to bulk up but branch out. Full of flavour, this was the real winner in our house. We discussed the ways in which it could be used as a spread if made thick. In cooking. As a hot chocolate. There were many options we came up with on what we really could do with it. 

With three options to fill your day with, the powders are a new, innovative idea that adults can enjoy all over the country. High praise and feedback has comeback from many and I hope to add my own to it. It isn’t certain if they will remain in our house for years to come, especially with one tub already having been stolen, but the husband and wife team behind Protein Rebel should be proud of their work. These tubs are truly presenting the best out of a new world. Well, insect world. 

To find out more about the brand or to discover each flavour fully, head to the company website lovelies. Tons of advice, accessories and blog posts can be found there to help you discover the brands ideas and creations. If you do give them ago, don’t forget as well to let me know what you think of them. Will you be shaking it all about with Protein Rebel? 

Joey X

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