Blogmas Day 21: I’ve Found A Festive Jumper With A Difference To Keep You Warm This Year!



Good Morning Lovelies,

Christmas 2020 is going to be a lot different to what we are all or were expecting. I’m sad about it to be honest, as it feels like everything that was meant to be good about this festive month has gone. Yet, I will try to keep the mood light, fun and celebratory on the blog to help us all.

Starting with some news about a festive jumper I found online, which will keep you warm this December. Designed by Marshall Julius, a creative range of different looking pieces can be found online for you lovelies to own. And I can promise you that they are super cosy.

After being sent some news about the items, I headed to the Hot Merch website to take a look at the collection. Loving what I saw, I spoke to Marshall about his work and he told me all about the designs and items that he had chosen to create. With a wide range of knowledge about films and the creative arts, Marshall’s robots and Marsh Bots stand out on the multi-coloured pieces to give us a different kind of festive look.

Kindly sending me one to try, Marshall let me experience just how much they showed you off, with a green robot creation. As soon as I put it on, I could feel myself getting looks of appreciation for it. I even told someone where to find one. It was also brilliant at keeping me warm during the cold days we had at the start of December.

With a further bunch of designs to choose from and colours to pick, I loved that the sweatshirt was made just the way I wanted it to be too. Something that made it feel even more special to me than another jumper.

Christmas will always be the time to wear a silly jumper, cheesy designs and cosy comforts. Marshall’s creations feature all of these and are perfect for showing off what December is all about.

To take a look at the range or to order your own designs, head to the Hot Merch website and find everything you need to know. I promise you that you will not be disappointed lovelies!

What Christmas jumper have you got this year lovelies? Share your picks with me in the comments or via social media!

Joey X

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