Blogmas Day 20: The Amazing World of CosyHandCrafts, Etsy & One Of A Kind Christmas Gifts!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

At the start of lockdown, I was kindly asked if I would like to receive some amazing handmade gifts from CosyHandCrafts. An Irish creator, who makes the sweetest items I have ever seen on Etsy. 

After speaking for a number of days, she sent me three gems in the post and I fell for the small but intriguing way in which they made my festive world pop. Having not used Etsy much, when I had I was always impressed by it. Especially with the way it helps so many upcoming designers such as Kerry-Ann

Known online as Voluptuous Chatterbox, Kerry-Ann had made and sent me some gorgeous green ball earrings, which looked very much like baubles. A green and silver glass charm, with the cutest snowman addition and a green and silver bookmark with a stocking on it. Each piece being perfect for how I plan to spend my Christmas day. 

Kerry-Ann’s selection and creations are pure perfection and highlight the reason why we need to support upcoming creators at the moment. Whilst it is so easy to turn to the big brands online, I often find that as a giver and receiver of presents, I like to find the unknown creators to gift the most. These pieces aren’t like anything else and with prices starting at £2.50 with lots also under free delivery, you can get a one of a kind gift in time for Christmas. Something I am sure many people will love and enjoy. Even if you can’t be with them. 

Every piece I got from Kerry-Ann is one I will always cherish. I love little items like this and I will be using each of them during the big day. They will help me to celebrate myself, my festive tableware and books. Hopefully something that I will be gifted. 

Speaking of which, Kerry-Ann has also been extra amazing by offering a discount on her items. For today only, you can get 10% off any of her items, on Etsy, using the code: LETS10. There are pieces for the whole family on her page and items not just for Christmas but the whole year round too. Making now the best time to stock up and support an amazing creator at Christmas. 

Helping small businesses is vital right now lovelies, so please do what you can. I promise you that Kerry-Ann and many more will not disappoint! I honestly can’t thank her enough for her amazing work and will be following her to see what she does next to add to my collection. 

Do you know any amazing small businesses? Share them with me in the comments below and let's celebrate their amazing talents!

Joey X

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