Our Christmas Chocolate Faith Has Been Restored With Cadbury's 2020 Collection


Hey Lovelies,

Christmas this year is fast approaching! With everything that has been going on, time has literally flown by and soon the lights will be on the tree. For many of us, including myself, I know that after all that 2020 has given us, we are looking to make this year's festivities extra special.

From the decorations, presents, traditions and even the guests, we are all finding things that show just how special those in our lives are this year. Something that food can also play a massive part in too!

With the classic chocolate tins in our supermarkets. The mince pies appearing on the shelves. Plus, the matured Christmas cakes getting us all excited, one brand is back with a whole host of new and traditional Christmas delights. Oh yes, Cadbury’s are back and with more festive goodness than Santa can shake a piece of tinsel at.

Kindly I was offered the chance, along with my regular taste tester mum, to sample some of the newest pieces added to their range before they hit the shops. I can confirm that many of them will be making a reappearance into our home before 2020 ends and hopefully afterwards too.

In a very purple parcel, we were greeted with that familiar Cadbury’s colour within. Yet, we were also faced with some of the most exciting chocolate gifts as well. The first two things we pulled out featured an old and a new. Two advent calendars stood out in the parcel. One being the classic Cadbury milk chocolate one and a brand new white chocolate edition to follow. After a debate about whether to open them or not, we have actually kept these for December. However, every year we always have a Cadbury’s advent in our home and I can hand on my heart say that no other beats it. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without one.

I know we haven’t had the white one before, something we are super excited to find out more about, but my mum has had the white Cadbury’s chocolate bar before. Something that she adores. If you remember the Dream bar from the late 90s, early 00s, then it is just like that. Having small chunks of this to enjoy throughout December is going to be simply perfect for whoever eats it out of us too.

After the first debate on who will get to enjoy which one, we moved on to the next few pieces in the package. Familiar to us after they came out last year, we were faced with the now classic Gingerbread Cadbury bar, which is filled with gingerbread pieces that my mum says works magically with the smoothness of the Cadbury’s chocolate, a Cadbury’s chocolate Santa and the mousse filled milk chocolate Cadbury Snowman. I don’t know if others fill this way, but to me the Snowman is a fab replacement in many stockings now for the old Cadbury’s chocolate coins they no longer make. Seeing that little familiar face is a super treat.

Tucking into both, my mum found that they tasted as good as always and promised to fill the home with them again before the year was out. A little secret in fact! My mum gets the gingerbread bar and keeps one in the fridge for as long as she can so she doesn’t ever run out. I can even take a picture to prove it!

Looking through the parcel however, there was another face that was new to the familiar crew. An orange flavoured Snowman treat. Orange seems to be the flavour amongst the world of chocolate this festive season, taking over from salted caramel. Placing it into the little snowman is a great way to introduce younger members to the team. I will start this little section by saying though that we are not the biggest chocolate orange fans. We are the people who don’t seek a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in our stockings.

Yet, my mum took one for the team and tried the newest addition for this review. Declaring automatically that it wasn’t as bad as she worried, she was quick to state that the bar was far more creamier than overpowering or rich. The flavour was there but it didn’t take away too much from the known Cadbury’s taste. Whilst she stated it wouldn’t be her festive chocolate of choice, she wasn’t put off from having it again in the future. A very good sign for someone who normally makes a sick noise when orange chocolate gets mentioned.

Delving once more into the parcel, I pulled out the biggest and newest treat of them all. One for mint fans, a crisp cool gigantic bar has entered Cadbury's Christmas world. Known as the Winter Mint Crisp Edition, this merry minty delight is huge. I mean big.

When my dad saw it, a person who loves mint chocolate, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. Filled with a honeycomb like mint crisp, the pieces were dispersed amongst the bar well and gave off that crisp minty texture and taste that my dad said reminds you of Christmas. He even admitted that he would replace his favourite After Eight chocolates for the bar, as he felt that not only did he love the taste, but you would probably be getting more for your money with this bar.

As well as the bar, a bag we love the name of came out too! New for this year, Cadbury’s are introducing their all new Jingly Bells filled with hazelnut creme. Opening the bag, you could smell the sweet smell of hazelnut straight away. It was a pure mixture of Cadbury and Nutella in a strange way.

Though on my mum trying the first one, they were nothing like Nutella. More like a Fruit & Nut bar, the smooth hazelnut blends in with the Cadbury ball creations to give a silky smooth texture that everyone will be able to enjoy. When I saw what my mum was trying, I automatically went into baker mode and could picture these going inside chocolate muffins, before heating them up to make a Cadbury’s Jingle Bells mini lava cake. Going back to the actual chocolates though and again the new delights were another win.

2020 may not have gone the way we were all expecting. Yet, we can all safely say that Cadbury’s haven’t let us down this year. With more classic delights in stores, plus these new pieces, we can be reassured that our festive foods are not going to let us down. We have been given more than many of us could have asked for in lots of ways. I’m going to be sure to buy more of these for other family members and friends during the festive period. I am also going to try and conquer some of them, especially the new advent calendar, as my anorexia is not going to stop me from enjoying them.

At the time of getting these, many of the pieces weren’t in shops, however I have spotted all of them in stores now lovelies, so keep a close eye out and give them a try. I think it is safe to say that I can’t wait for a Cadbury’s Christmas now!

Joey X

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