Write On! How I Found A New Way To Journal With The Old English Company (Plus, 15% Discount For You!)


Hey Lovelies, 

Going into therapy all over again has been like opening my eyes to my Illness and body in a whole new way. Being more accepting of the changes I need to make this time around I have started to create a toolbox of sorts.

In recovery, a toolbox is made up of things to do when times are stressful or tough. For example, having a meal that is hard to have or talking about issues that you haven’t before but have left an impact.

Being creative is the way in which I like to deal with my anorexia. My therapy is very hands on based, even over the computer. I have taken tools from it that have led to me having lots of ideas of things to do at home. These include blogging, writing a journal, baking for my family and making pieces from arts and crafts.

Journaling is the newest thing I have started to enjoy. 50 days into doing it and I now find comfort in outlining my goals for the day. The positives and negatives of the one before. A positive thought to think of when times get tough. It has made me feel better. Plus, it has made me love stationary a lot more.

A gorgeous notebook will become the thing I seek when shopping. So, when the Old English Company reaches out for bloggers I quickly asked if I could join in. Luckily they said yes. Spending hours looking at their website, I was kindly gifted a personalised notebook. Choosing the colour, message and quote on the front.

For me, I wanted the book to be one I could use to jot down ideas. Things that come into my mind at night. Or when I have a creative session. I wanted the ideas and notes within it to be the thing that kept me going when times got hard. Picking out the perfect quote for me, I decided to go with the grey colour of the notebooks, due to it being one of my favourites.

Choosing the personalised message was the hard part for me. In the end I went with my name. Something that made it sealed that these were my ideas. My motivations. Something if anyone ever saw would then know were mine. Not in a selfish act but one I could be proud of.

After selecting all that I needed, I sent the details to the company. Within only a matter of days, the parcel arrived in the post. Pleased with the final outcome would be an understatement to say. Opening the notebook in front of my mum, she was quick to say that it was the perfect look, shape and design for me. She hadn’t seen it before, but she has since been shopping on their website for one herself.

Slim, lined and ever so elegant. The notebook is great for slipping into any bag to carry around. Trailing it on my rucksack it slotted into the back pocket easily, whilst my mum found it to be a light weight addition to her handbag. The pages are just the right size too. My writing normally gets messy by the end of the page, yet it didn’t here. I could pop it on the table or rest it on my lap in bed and write everything down with ease.

Overall and this may seem a little strange to say, but I was really impressed with the way I could note everything down, carry it around and feel inspired by it. Having fabulous stationary does that and the Old English Company is one brand that can claim that they do this.

If you like the look of my notebook or have seen another on their website you like, the team have kindly given me a 15% off code for you to use on buying your own. Just pop in OESPECBR15 at the checkout.

I am so thankful for the team creating me something so special. I know that many future blog posts will come from the ideas on the pages within it. I hope you can enjoy your own creations too lovelies!

Joey X

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