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Hey Lovelies,

Great cop shows come and go. Throughout the years, we have had plenty of them, from Line of Duty to The Bill. Yet, our love for them never seems to disappear. This brings us onto the newly released, Code 404, which is out today digitally and on DVD.

Two great British actors Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays take on the role of two cops, who are faced with a tragedy. When Mays, DI John Major, is killed on a special undercover sting, his body is seen as being too important to lose from the team. Placed in a special AI project, he is brought back from the dead. Yet, nothing is as it seems, and he is soon faced with learning all he once knew all over again.

Together the pair are the perfect team. With a great selection of crimes to fight, Mays and Graham have been cast with confidence that everyone will be able to witness. However, the show doesn’t stick out in the same way in which you would have hoped. It is easy to forget what the characters want you to know. All due to slacking matters within the writing.

Code 404 isn’t unwatchable. It is just a show that takes a lot of time and patience to get into. So much happens that you don’t believe and isn’t made excitable that it can drag in places where it should flow. This makes for uncomfortable watching and you can only hope that with each episode that the stream of information and fun picks up again after the first few.

If you have binged every other cop show than this is one to delve into. However, there are lots of others that may give you a bit more excitement than this one. Sadly, it just doesn’t hold up in the way in which you would like it to. Code 404 is a project on its own. Whether it is a good or bad one is up to you.

3 Stars

Joey X

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