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After a fantastic first series, Lennie James’s series Save Me has returned with Save Me Too, bringing back the characters who left many affected upon the final episode airing. The need to know more has led to James’s second series being released today on DVD and digitally from today, enabling all to watch its brilliance.

Tracking Nelly, a local ladies’ man and barfly, who seeks to find out what has happened to his missing daughter, the new series, is as gripping, if not more so than before. Created by the producers behind Line of Duty, the series, takes audiences into the heart of London’s East End and the dark world of Nelly’s quest. Heading 17 months into the future, Nelly finds himself save a young woman, who may just have the clues into what has happened to his daughter that he is seeking to find.

The series is a little bit of a quiet one that deserves to be shouted about more. With an amazingly impressive cast that houses some big names, it is the silence of it that makes it so compelling to watch, however. You seek to know the answers because they have not been spilled all over social media or revealed into the wide world before watching.

With the disappearance not the main feature anymore, the show has become one wrenched in grief. Making it even more compelling. The writing is some of the best on TV and the acting is powerful, as you see a father comes to the term with the new aspects, he is learning about his daughter’s disappearance.

If you watched the first series, you will be even more enthralled with the action and elements of the second. Whilst if you have not watched either series yet, now is the best time to delve in and binge. You will be wishing for a third season before you know it.

4 Stars

Joey X

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