Plug In To These New Podcasts I Have Been Loving In Lockdown


Hey Lovelies, 

Recently, I have been falling back in love with podcasts. I find them so calming to listen to when sitting down for a meal or just potting around the house. I have a bit of a weird mixture of what I am enjoying, as I like to listen to lots of different topics and themes. However, this does mean that you lovelies might all find something new to enjoy from the following list.

Most of them are weekly, but a few are aired daily as well. I am a little bit of a newcomer still when it comes to podcasts, but this selection are the ones that I cannot miss no matter what. Especially Scarlett Moffatt’s new one…

Homeschool History: After hearing about this from an ad on BBC Sounds, I have been learning a lot about famous figures I never knew about. Did you know Pocahontas had four names? That Florence Nightingale was bedbound during the later years of her life? I didn’t! Every fact has been made for children in mind, but adults can learn a lot from this podcast, created to make homeschooling easier, as well.

The Archers: Maybe the one that you may not have been expecting to be on this list, this radio show, which I listen to on BBC Sounds is my guilty pleasure. In fact, I am not even guilty about it, I love it. Whilst lots of people like to watch soaps, I enjoy listening to this radio one more. It is very much like Emmerdale but on the air.

Grounded with Louis Theroux: I found this podcast at the start of lockdown and it is nice to discover so much about people who have kept us entertained for years. Discovering stars like KSI was a delight, as was learning more about the amazing life of stars that I have admired for years. Especially Helena Bonham Carter and Lenny Henry.

Chrisley Confessions: Having been a huge fan of Chrisley Knows Best, this is a follow up from the show, which sees the stars discussing phone call based problems. You also get to go a little behind the scenes of the show whilst it isn’t on and find out more about Todd, Julie and their mad family, which I love.

Scarlett Moffatt Wants To Believe: Never have I ever been more grateful for a podcast to have launched than I am about this one. I can’t wait for Mondays to come around each week to find out what Scarlett and her boyfriend Scott will be discussing. From aliens to robot pigeons, you will not believe what topics come up on it. You will love it.

What do you all enjoy listening to lovelies? Let me know, as I am always looking for something new to enjoy and am open to all sorts of topics!

Joey X

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