Second Week Government Food Parcels - Find Out What We Received


Hey Lovelies,

With the world all over the place at the moment and many of us not knowing what to do, it can become quite overwhelming. I never know what to do, but I am finding it so lovely to see the incredible things that people are doing for each other.

This week, we were lucky enough to receive our next range of government food parcels, which included toiletries. I am always so amazed by what we get in them and how much the government is helping us. Our local council and food banks have really made sure that we are being looked after in our home and I will be forever grateful.


With each package, we are finding that we are getting a few different things, so I will continue to share with you what we receive. I’m honestly not doing this to brag or make out like it is a big freebie, but to help those expecting the packages to know what you might get. That way if you need further items or help you can reach out to the team to find out more.

Please find below a list of what we got this week:

  • Three White Cabbages
  • Three Bags of White Potatoes
  • Four Parsnips
  • Thirteen White Onions
  • Eight Carrots
  • Five Leeks
  • Three Lettuces
  • Three Cucumbers
  • Eleven Tomatoes
  • Three Tubs of Cherry Tomatoes
  • Eleven Pears
  • Seven Apples
  • Nine Oranges
  • Eighteen Free Range Eggs - Three Boxes of Six
  • Six Pints of Semi-Skimmed Milk
  • Three Cartons of Orchard Grove’s Orange Juice
  • Six Peach and Pear Fruity Pots
  • Six Hartley’s No Added Sugar Jelly Pots
  • Six Mug Shot Roast Chicken Soup Cups
  • Three Large Tins of Everyday Favourites Baked Beans
  • Three Tins of Five Bean Salad
  • Three Tins of Everyday Favourites Tuna Chunks in Brine
  • Six Tins of Fray Bentos Chicken Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
  • Two Bags of 1KG Bonita d’Italia Gluten Free Pasta
  • One Bag of 3KG Everyday Favourites Penne Pasta
  • 12 Sachets of Schar Gluten Free Cornflakes
  • Three Packets of Hill Ginger Nut Biscuits
  • Three Cobbs Cakes Rocky Road Bars
  • Six Original Biscuit Bakers Gingerbread Men
  • Eighteen Packets of Two Cream Crackers
  • Three Bags of Typhoo Tea, Maxwell Hill Coffee, Fun Time Fruit Raisins, Strawberry Jam, The Sun Valley Nut Co. Peanuts and White Sugar
  • Two Yardley’s English Lavender Bath Bars
  • One Oral B Anti-Plaque Toothbrush
  • Four Colgate Medium Bristle Toothbrushes
  • Two Thermamed Original Fresh Gel Toothpaste
  • Two Tresemme Botanique Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Shampoo

We are always so thankful to HertsHelp, Hertford County Council, Bidfood and Herts FullStop for helping us during this time. My dad is finding the lockdown hard and getting this help is amazing. I’ve also challenged myself to certain foods because of the boxes, which is always a huge win!

To find out more about the service lovelies or to sign up for it, please go to HertsHelp’s website or the Gov website to find out if you are eligible. If you are not sure, it is still a good idea to speak to the team, who will be able to help you any way that they can.

Thank you so much again for everything and to everyone who has helped us so far! You are some of the real heroes in this world!

Joey X

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