Five Of The Best Uplifting Shows To Binge Watch During Lockdown


Hey Lovelies,

Finding it a bit hard to find something to watch at the moment? With classic shows fighting alongside so many new ones, it feels a bit like there is just too many things to catch up on. I am someone who is seeking something comforting. I want a light-hearted series to binge on that will take me away from all the scary stuff we are facing right now.

Luckily, our TV and streaming services have provided us with lots to enjoy. It has been tough, but I have managed to gather five new series to fall for during this dark period. All of which will bring you a lot of laughter and joy. Perfect for any time of the day…

Normal People: If you have not watched this series on BBC iPlayer yet, then you need to now. It is one of the best shows I have watched in a long time and if like me you have read the book by Sally Rooney, you will not be disappointed. Following a young friendship that turns into more, it is raw, honest, and probably the most heart-breaking show you will fall in love with.

Brassic: After a hugely successful first series, the entire second series of the show is now out on NOWTV. Focusing on a hugely hilarious group of friends, you will fall head over heels for the comedy and laughs it will bring you in this scary time. Plus, if you find yourself getting peckish whilst watching, the show has also joined forces with MOB Kitchen to make Vinnie, Cardi, and the whole gang’s favourite meal of kebabs, but with a bit of a difference. They include CBD. To find out how to make your own, head to their Instagram or watch the clip below:

Friday Night Dinner: Another fantastic comedy, this show follows a Jewish family who gathers every Friday night for a meal that always has mishaps. From a hard to handle neighbour to a classic crimble crumble, you will be thanking your family for being so normal. It is also a great show to watch whilst stuck inside.

After Life: Back for a second series, this series highlights the light and dark moments in life, in a kind of sweet way. Each episode leaves you feeling all the feels. You never know how Ricky Gervais is going to turn what could be a really sad moment into something refreshing and life-changing, but he does. It has just been announced that the show is coming back for a third series, so now is the time to binge on it.

High School Musical: The Series: More one for the big and little kids in our lives, this will have you going back to your teenage years when you would run home from school to watch HSM on repeat. I have so much time for this show, as I was a huge, HUGE, HSM fangirl and still am in many ways. Thank goodness for all the cheese in this series, which is making me so happy right now.

What have you all been watching during lockdown lovelies? Let me know in the comments below!

Joey X

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