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Hey Lovelies, 

Since Our Girl first aired on TV I have been invested. From Molly and Captain James’ will they, won’t they relationship to the introduction of Georgie, played by Michelle Keegan, I have had many emotions. With the fourth season out today on DVD and digitally, I still find myself gripped by it. Yet, not in the same way I once was.

When the last season ended, there was an almighty sadness to it. Yet, returning to her role, Keegan’s Georgie faces the horrors of returning to the front line in Afghanistan. All whilst still trying to come to terms with what happened at the end of the last series. However, it isn’t her toughest challenge. Teaching and training the new recruits are something that she and they are learning to deal with.

The show is a lot more dramatic this series, with very few light-hearted or comedic elements. Keegan and the rest of the cast have been given a story to show the real horrors of war and they have done a fantastic job of showing it.

However, there was something about this series that made it lack. As they crammed a whole host of action in, ideas and decisions got lost. Keegan’s Georgie barely had time to breathe in some scenes and as the loses came in it was hard to follow who was who.

Whilst it was a terrific addition to the Our Girl series, but seeing as this is Keegan’s final series, it wasn’t the strongest or most adventurous set of episodes for her to leave on. And this is all down to the unexpected nature of learning to come to terms with a new figure leading the way.

Just when you think you are ready for the action to begin; they reign it in again and the eye-catching moments that have happened since the first series are lost. All making the show cheesier rather than gripping. When taking on such a hard subject it needs to be done with no mistakes and sadly this season doesn’t do this. A very sad fact indeed.

3 Stars

Joey X

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