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Hey Lovelies,

Sadly, we are coming to the end of Mental Health Awareness Week. With so much good being shared with the world about how they can help their mental health, I never want it to end. Thankfully with so many of us talking out it will not be. However, more needs to be done to celebrate the work people are doing to help themselves and to share how people can find the best help for them.

I have always tried to be honest with you lovelies on what I am going through. It has been a help for me in so many ways because speaking out so openly helps to make me feel lighter. I’ve come to find that by speaking out and honestly is the best thing we can do. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are suffering from a mental health illness. We do not ask for them. Yet, we get up and fight them daily and for that reason we are all heroes.

Normally on a Friday I try to do a bit of a mixed post. Today, I managed to find an interesting one to end the week on because I am taking you on my mental health journey…

What is your mental health issue?

I suffer from anorexia, body dysmorphia, anxiety, and panic disorder.

Do you have medication and/or therapy?

Over the years I have taken many different medications and done lots of types of therapy sessions. When I was at university, I went to MIND and did pottery therapy, which was amazing. Last year, I was admitted to an inpatient ward for my eating disorder and had art therapy. Something I have continued since leaving via Zoom in lockdown.

What therapy/medication have you tried and have any worked for you?

Therapy has been a mixed bag for me, and I have tried lots of kinds. Right now, I am finding arts-based therapy the best. However, the one which worked the most was the pottery course I did with MIND, which got me through my final months of university amazingly.

How long have you had problems for?

I have suffered from anxiety since around the age of five, whilst my anorexia began nearly ten years ago. Although, I have always had issues with how my body and exercise before this.

Do your family/friends know?

Yes and many of them have been amazing at helping me! I would not survive day in and day out without the help and support of my mum. She is my biggest hero and always there to help me along the way.

Does this affect your work and daily living?

Yes! Currently, I am not allowed to work and I find that very hard. I am continuing to follow a meal plan and that means that I have to make sure I am eating around the right times and getting the right foods, causing my schedule and normal daily life to seem to be all about food. It can get me down a bit, but then I think about the future and how much I want to live for it. This makes it all worth the fight.

What makes you feel calm?

I love to wake up early and lay in bed reading or relaxing for a bit. It makes me feel so calm. Although, I am trying to stay away from social media and the news, because they make me feel even worse.

What do you do in a crisis?

When things are really bad, I like to be left alone. The only person who can help me in these times is my mum, who knows just what to say and do. I also find a cuddle helps a lot. Even just a little smile can go a long way.

What advice would you give to others suffering?

Tell someone and ask for help if you need to. Never be afraid to speak out, even if it is only to a parent or a friend. You will learn who is there for you or not in your journey and I am certain that they will want to help as much as they can. I was ready to end it all, but one day I got up and just broke it all down to my mum. She helped me so much and together we are fighting this battle.

What makes you smile?

My mum and seeing her happy! I also love to see the little positives in life. Things you don’t see happen every day. Although our world is a little weird right now, it is seeing all the little things people are doing that we wouldn’t have before that make me so happy.

Describe your mental health issue in 5 words

Tiring, scary, draining, fighting and painful.

If you ever want to speak to anyone lovelies, please feel free to reach out to me in any way possible! I will always be here to help you no matter what. Never feel afraid to talk about your condition either. You are all fighters and I love you all so much!

Joey X

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