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Fresh from British grime rapper Andrew Onwubolu, aka Rapman, Blue Story is the YouTube sensation’s first directorial feature film after his short film collections. After receiving acclaim for his work, the film, which is out today on DVD and Digitally is his best piece yet.

Semi-autobiographical, Blue Story follows Timmy (Stephen Odubola) and Marco (Micheal Ward). Two best friends from Peckham in London, the pair seek to remain friends, even when their differing postcodes are leading to several gang fights and street wars. Soon the pair are drawn into the dark world of each side and it isn’t long before they begin to clash.

Filled with epical musical moments, the story is a raw look at the dark side of the streets in London. The two boys and script highlight the conflicts that many face, in an honest and open reflection. You don’t feel like you are being shown a lie, but something that is happening every minute of the day. As the boys face new challenges, you want them to be brought back together to save each other from the worst. Yet, that isn’t the case here.

Instead, Onwubolu makes a film that shows reality. It reflects features like Kidulthood and the dark ways in which gang wars lead to horrific consequences. However, sometimes the similarities between the two films make this one seems like it is lacking something. Showing to much of what we already know just makes it harder to see new feature and not one that clashes with others.

This doesn’t make it unwatchable, however. In fact, it again highlights why we need to try and keep young people off the streets and away from gangs. It is a reality check, touching on key themes that need to be addressed by all. Something we may forget about if we don’t watch honest and open filmmaking such as this. Plus, with two fantastic performances from its leads, it draws you in throughout.

Whilst it doesn’t always make for new viewing, this film is a true and raw feature that all should see. There is no need to hide away from such honest filmmaking, but instead, you should watch it and address what needs to happen to make a change in the real world. Film or not, the message is real in many ways and that is what makes it work.

4 Stars

Joey X

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