Babylon Berlin Season Three Review


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Hey Lovelies, 

Set in Germany during the roaring 20s, Babylon Berlin is the show that all drama and TV thrill seekers need to be watching. Oozing glamour and chills, it is the perfect series to binge on a Sunday, especially now that it has been released on DVD and digitally from today.

Picking up 10 months from where the second series left off, the show grips audiences in from the opening sequence. With scenes of the Black Friday stock market crash enveloping us all in, Inspector Gereon Rath is back looking into some of the biggest crimes around. Including the death of an actress.

Being the most expensive German TV drama created, there is a lot to expect from the series. Luckily all being met. There is power in beauty and the writing captures this. Mixing film noir with the brilliance of TV, you often find yourself wondering what you are really watching. All in a good way.

Politics leads the show though. Sharing just how much influence it has not only now but back then, it shapes the story in a genuine fashion that makes it even more watchable. The 20s may just give audiences food for thought when it comes to looking at the reality of certain situations now. A clever trick from the writers of the series.

Whilst many shows begin to dip as they reach further into their stories, Babylon Berlin doesn’t. Instead, it continues to get stronger. With superb acting, fantastic writing and a brilliant look at modern topics in an elderly fashion, this series is going nowhere fast.

4 Stars

Joey X

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