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Hey Lovelies, 

Every few years a film comes back out that reminds us of the beauty of certain artists and writers. One of those films is The French Lieutenant’s Woman, starring Meryl Streep, which is being re-released in a new 2K digital format and Blu-Ray for the first time today.

Written by Harold Pinter, the classic film shares the story of a Victorian gentleman and a social outcast, as the pair falls in love in a forbidden manner. The film captures what it was like for Streep and Irons during the start of their careers. It shows the talents in which they embraced and maintained throughout. It shows the beauty of a true Pinter script.

Although not many share this classic feature anymore, it is one that will go on to stand the test of time. If not for the way in which Pinter takes John Fowles’s incredible novel and makes it for the big screen. Every emotion and action from the book are drawn onto the big screen. Every element of surprise wonder and beauty that forbidden love can bring is stretched right up until the end. All in a manner that makes it so special to view.

Without an outstanding cast, fantastic writing and a brilliant new format, The French Lieutenant’s Woman is a masterpiece that everyone should watch. Even if you don’t feel it is as good as the book or have never seen it before, make sure to do so. Just for Streep and Irons if anything at all. Seeing them at the beginning of their careers is truly inspiring.

4 Stars

Joey X

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