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Hey Lovelies, 

Back in late 2018, a film started to take award season by storm. With a small release, before being let into the wild on Netflix, Roma became a small but mighty powerhouse. With five-star reviews and a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it showed the world a beautiful black and white feature that will forever be powerful.

Now being re-released on Blu-Ray for the first time ever, the film is getting its chance to touch more audiences. Capturing the story of a family and their two housekeepers during the 1970s, this Mexican tale shares with viewers how Cleo, one of the maids, must keep the peace in traumatic times.

Director Alfonso Cuaron changes everything we had seen before from him for this film. Having taken us previously into the darker realms of space with Sandra Bullock to a more personal story in Roma, the film is a portrayal of how creators make everything come to life. Filled with confidence and a sense of bewilderment at times, having made a smaller budget feature out of this film, makes the impact it leaves after watching even grander.

Rolling off the screen like a visual autobiography, you can see the soul and beating heart of the feature from the moment it begins. Yet, the story doesn’t come from the director, but that of the woman he grew up surrounded by. Her personal journey to growth and power, in a time and space where she probably felt like she had none. Plus, Yalitza Aparicio plays the character with a continuous sense of heart, devotion and love.

We learn everything about her character through her intuitive emotions and performance. We learn how much she wants to escape the world that she is in. We learn the troubles her character faces. Nothing is held back. Something that all watching will be grateful for. It is a true representation of class, family and the love of people towards others.

In a modern world and with nearly two years having past, Roma is still a strong feature to see. Even after multiple viewings, it stays with you like you are watching it for the first time. You may not watch it over and over, but once you watch it again, you see why it remains with you.

4 Stars

Joey X

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