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Hey Lovelies, 

When a series has Aisling Bea in it, I am completely and utterly down for it. To me, she is a comedy legend. Hearing about her new show for the W Channel, Finding Joy, I was interested to see what it was all about. Especially with it coming out on DVD and digitally from today.

Starring Amy Huberman, the six-part comedy, follows Joy, a journalist who accidentally becomes a vlogging sensation overnight. After splitting with her long-term boyfriend and seeing her friends building their families, Joy feels left out. Something that isn’t helped by her dog Aidan. That is all until she is forced into the world of vlogging by a local influencer, who helps her come out of her comfort zone, along with her new roommate (Bea) and manager.

The show takes on a modern storyline, with lots of relevant 21st Century information. The comedy is on point and Huberman is a lovable character, who you can relate to often. However, the show isn’t all about stardom. The way it tackles happiness and the joy of life is also very key in making you fall under its charms.

Yet, there are many moments that leave you wondering what is really going on. It becomes silly and a little bit hard to swallow as well, with moments of pure wonder that a series of this nature has been made. It feels like it would have been better played out on YouTube.

This doesn’t make you want to stop watching though. For a calming joyful bit of TV, it works. The W Channel isn’t often full of UKTV’s comedy pieces, but as an original one, they are onto a winner.

3 Stars

Joey X

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