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Hey Lovelies, 

Not to be morbid in the lead up to Christmas, but what would you do if you only had eight days left on earth? With the apocalypse close, would you go wild or stay with your nearest and dearest in hopes to be saved.

In a new eight-part German thriller, which was first aired on Sky Atlantic, the possibilities are portrayed. 8 Days, which is out on DVD and digitally from today, gives a gripping look at what would happen if the catastrophe was happening. Whilst we may have seen many of these before, this series brings to life a fresh new wave of TV.

A bit like The Purge, all elements on earth are off-limits. Sex, drugs and violence are what lead the way when it comes to testing what we ourselves would do in times of trouble. In more ways than one, crime prevails and as the characters try to survive not only the end of the world, they are battling each other. It shows how even in times of trouble, we are still our own worst enemy.

Even when it comes to saving the ones you love; the show has a way of making the situation intense. An element that makes the series a weird joy to watch. Maybe not the best way to enter a new year, but definitely a show that you will get into by.

Although this isn’t a series that I watched on TV, it is one that I enjoyed from the moment it started. It tests everything you think you know as a viewer. Morals. Mayhem. The way you see yourself. All in times of trouble. If anything, you are certain to come out a different person after viewing it.

4 Stars

Joey X

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