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Hey Lovelies, 

With a title like Plebs, many would think that this comedy is set to offend lots. However, over the years, the series has done the opposite. It has brought joy and a light-hearted nature to the British comedy scene that is still shining bright in its fifth series, out today on DVD and digitally.

Returning for another successful eight episodes, the series kicks off and remains incredibly strong throughout. Having found his place Jason (Jonathan Pointing), now has a solid home alongside regulars Marcus (Tom Rosenthal) and the best of the three, Grumio (Ryan Sampson). Full of schemes, plans and food in relation to Grumio, the show manages to pull off everything you would expect and more in a beautiful manner.

With many a guest stars, the fifth series sees Jason coming to terms with an unwanted admirer, whilst Marcus and Grumio battle to make their tavern, the Crown and Toga, thrive under the pressure of the nightlife in the Roman city. A tough job in 23BC.

Each character finally has a place within the show that works. Whilst Rosenthal and Sampson have always been there, they still make it feel like you are learning about their characters and fallen for them just like the first time. Especially in the case of Sampson, who is the standout performer throughout the show and its many series. No one compares to him and the work he does in leading the way for the characters and Grumio is the best of the trio in terms of giving every element of comedy.

Nothing within the script seems too much for the stars of the show and those that guest feature. Everything you would expect and everything you don’t is shown. From sick, spit and even worse than that, the characters are thrown into every situation. Something that even on the fifth series works. It brings hope and joy that sitcoms like this haven’t gone anywhere and the creators should be proud.

Plebs has been a joy to watch for the past five series and I hope it continues on. Nothing is too much and everything makes your heart swell with joy watching. If you have never seen it before, but it and binge. Christmas is a moment for joy and Plebs series five is definitely delivering it just in time.

5 Stars

Joey X

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