Scoot and Toot This Christmas With A Micro Scooter and Accessories


Matt Black Flex Deluxe, £204.95

Hey Lovelies, 

Scooters are hot on everyone’s list this Christmas. Especially the easy to handle Micro ones that have been pounding up and down the pavements.

Made for the little people in your life, Micro Scooters, have had a festive makeover to suit all the needs that they have or want this Christmas. From safety items to actual tooting scooters, they will definitely be seeking out one of my top five Micro products below this year:

Personalised Mini Micro LED Deluxe, £109.95: Lighting up the pavements, this LED scooter will make sure that your little one can easily be seen. All whilst looking super cool.

Unicorn Deluxe Helmet, £32.95: Anything unicorn seems to be topping Christmas lists all around the country. This helmet is a stylish feature that will make all boys and girls stand out whilst scooting.

Scootersaurus Fingerless Gloves, £12.95: Suitable for all, these dinosaur gloves are so fun that even I want a pair. Roaring to be worn, they make controlling the scooters easy whilst also keeping your child/children warm.

Monsters Range

Personalised Aqua Sprite, £119.95: Another great scooter, this one is in the colour I dream of. Plus, it instantly screams summer vibes mixed with winter cool, making it great for all year and seasons.

Mini Deluxe Blue, £82.95

Unicorn Lunch Bag, £9.95: Unicorns never lose their sparkle and neither will these lunch bags! Perfect for scooting, having fun and school, all the foodie essentials ever needed will fit brilliantly in it.

Unicorn Lunchbag, £9.95

Whether you are looking at these for Christmas or beyond, Micro Scooters are worth looking at lovelies. They are seriously cool and a great gift to give at any time. Now to dream of being little again aha!

Joey X

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