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Hey Lovelies, 

Bette Davis. A woman who ruled the screen. Even in her most powerful moments, she was someone who could never be beaten and that shows throughout her performance in Now, Voyager.

Whilst many will know her for All About Eve and others, Now Voyager, which has been re-released today in a beautiful 4K format, highlights that there was really nothing she couldn’t do.

Playing the nervous spinster Charlotte Vale, Davis gives an award-worthy portrayal of a woman having to deal with the horrors of life under the watchful eye of her mother. From therapy to romance, every aspect is examined, and no amount of work or determination can stop her mother from having her way. Until Charlotte decides to take back control.

Full of melodramatic moments, the feature is one of true Hollywood glamour. Each character’s flaws and beauty are shown in a tremendous fashion. All that comes from picking the right people for the roles. No walls are put up. You see and get what you expect from each one. Davis is the most powerful of the lot.

Years after the film’s release, every bit of it sparkles in all the right ways. Made at the top of her career, it may not be the film people remember her most for, yet it is one many should. Hopefully, with the new format and release, they will do.

4 Stars

Joey X

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